Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Thinking Corner

I wanted to write another "Anthology of Belly Laughs", honestly I did. It's kinda fun to write down all the funny and hilarious things that might have happened to you over the past month or so, but a lot of the time it's a struggle to make the stories funny, and the funny into stories. So I'll drop the "Belly Laugh" thing, and present a monthly account of my best (sometimes funny) stories, and stories that effect my daily life.

1: After almost three years, my sister Donna has broke up with her boyfriend. Sure, they've been pretty on and off recently, but I'm sure that this is the end (the real end) this time. There seems to be something definite about the break-up. Donna has already moved out of his house (or, at the very least, is preparing to do so) and I realise, after everything I wrote yesterday, this is a perfect opportunity to aplly myself and help another human being. After all, I've been there and done that - almost a year ago - following mine and Katie's relationship collapse.

2: I left Holy Cross last year, but it doesn't seem to have left me. Most of my friends at work still go there, and I *occassionally* talk to some of my old tutors. It's not odd really, because Holy Cross is such a great college, and without much effort too. It's success is (partly) down to one man, the college Prinicple, Mike O'Hare who - following a clash with the Chair of Governors - has been unfairly disciplined, and has since handed in his letter of resignation. He leaves Holy Cross, after 17 years, this summer. A man of his stature shouldn't have to go like this; all because he dared to cross one egotistical woman. He doesn't deserve this; which is why a number of current and former Holy Cross students have set up this Facebook group. Show your support. That, he deserves.

3: After the Mike O'Hare Facebook group was set up last month, a great number of different people added themselves, and showed their support. But then... then... something rotten happened. The media got hold of what was going on (which, naturally, I don't mind) and a local MP added himself to the group (and debate) by lending his support to the Facebook group. I wouldn't mind if the guy *genuinely* cared about what's going on, but I've a suspicion that he doesn't. To him, this MP, it's more of a PR exercise - let the kids know that he's 'down' with what they're trying to do. Well, buddy, you ain't fooling anybody. You don't care. How could you? You're a politician every day of the week.

4: Said politician got called an "arsehole" in the Hose of Commons last week. Nobody deserves it more! I've met the guy, and like I said, he's not the nicest guy on the planet. A couple of years ago he tried shutting down my old High School. He failed. Miserably. Last year he showed up at the cinema where I worked with his two sons, and was the most vile human being I've had the displeasure of meeting. Talk about a diva! He's the sort of New Labour MP who loves the camera, and will go wherever it's pointed. He'll be there, guarenteed, whenever a decent story shows itself. The word "arsehole" then pretty much sums him up!

5: There's new people at work, which is cool. Whenever new faces arrive, it mixes things up nicely. New friends are made, and new "people not to cross" too. This new lot, about 6/7 of them, are cool people and I'll enjoy getting to know them a little more. And I *promise* I won't flirt with any of them this time... ;)

I'll return with more thinking points next month. Till then!
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