Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Work Hard, Play Hard

Funny story. I didn't have a lecture on Tuesday because this week was supposed to be a 'writing week', which basically means that we have to independently put together a 5 minute short film script, based upon what we've learnt over the last week. However, seen as though Tuesday was my birthday, I thought "to Hell with that!". Now I wish I hadn't...

...Because the deadline for the script is this Friday, and up till this afternoon, I hadn't wrote any of it. So, I sat down - detirmined - and wrote the bloody thing. Oh yes, I wrote it all! All five pages! At last, "Cigarettes and Paranoia" exists! You might remember me rambling on about it early last year, but the project kept getting put off, but not anymore!

But I can't sit back and relax. There's still my three minute documentary left to produce. It's called "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" and is the story of my Dad being an alcoholic. Only now I don't want to film it; I'm getting a little nervous about probing my Dad, and exploiting his 'illness' for the sake of university coursework. However, it's a little too late to drop it; too many people have put too much hard work into it. Just gotta soldier on, and hope (fingers crossed) that it isn't as terrible as I think the ordeal could be.

Aside from those two things though, my life is pretty damn fine. I finally cleaned out my room last week, and binned a good 80% of my clothes. They were either a) scruffy/falling apart, b) years old, or c) reminding me of Katie everytime I put them on. So I chucked them all away and bought new shirts, and ties, and everything else. And boy, did it feel good to let go of the past like that. New Nu Anthony. Spring clean chicken. That's me.

I also put a tonne of new shelving up (which is more interesting than it sounds!) For the past year or so, my DVDs have been all over the place, literally, so it was nice to finally organise everything into a proper place. My room feels brand spanking new again, in a way that it hasn't for a good few years. They say variety is the spice of life. It's cliched, but true.

Totally unrelated to everything else I've just written, but how good has Torchwood turned out to be this year? And we're only halfway through the series! It's funnier in all the right places, and darker too. The characters are - finally! - likeable, and I can't wait for the next episode to arrive. Makes me kinda proud to write the blog. :)

I'm off to bed; nice early night for a change. Because of work and uni projects I've been going to sleep at like 2:30am/3am everyday for the past fortnight, and it's really starting to get to me. Besides, I need my beauty sleep. I more than 'need' it, I 'demand' it! 'Cos I'm an ugly git!

Toodles, and sweet dreams.
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