Tuesday, 11 March 2008

The Power of 'Spend'

These past few weeks I've been spending a lot of money, more than usual anyways. It's quite alarming, because I know at this point in my life I really should be saving every penny I possibly can up in the piggy bank. But I don't. Most of that spent cash has been wittled away on DVDs, or CDs - a very hegonistic hobby, and one that I can just about justify as 'research' for my eventual script writing career. I'm a writer, so I should watch what other writers have to offer, right?

But it's not really an excuse, is it? To spend just because I have the money, and the will power of a fat man on a diet, locked in a room full of cupcakes. Those cupcakes are just too yummy to resist - and I'm currently overdosing on them. If you get the whole 'cupcake'/'money' metaphor.

Lesson 185 in shorthand; I gotta learn to spend less!

Anyhoo... rant over...

My script writing is coming along nicely - I've been told that I have until Friday to redraft my "Cigarettes and Paranoia" script, and get it up to scratch. At the minute the damn thing is a little too confussing, and hard to comprehend. Like this very blog, it also contradicts itself throughout, so a sense of clarity/coherence is desperately needed.

There's nothing new to report about "Frank's Apocalypse", cept that I've thought up an even better opening to episode one. Should be interesting...

And as for "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" (or "Eyes Down" as it's now called) we've completed filming, and are halfway through the editing process. Our lecturer has seen most of our footage, and isn't that supportive, but I don't care. This is my piece, not hers.

I'll update some more later this week when I've actually got free time, and most of my work is complete!
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