Thursday, 20 March 2008

Right Here, Right Now

It's been a while since I updated; so I figure I better bring things up to date. This is where I stand in my life right about now:


I'm currently mid-way through the redraft process on episode one, and things have never been more exciting! I'm cutting a lot of stuff that doesn't need to be there, adding a lot more that does, and generally re-evaluating the script as a whole. It's changed a hell of a lot since I had those first preliminary ideas last year, and for the better, I hope.

Fingers crossed I'll have this first script completed in the next few months, and we might even be able to film the blasted thing before summer - which would be nice.

For the record, episode one's current title is "After You've Gone", but that'll probably change again!


A fifteen minute short film script that I'm putting together that involves a killer first date - to say anymore would ruin the whole thing. I've had some great ideas for the script (which includes nose bleeds, rude waitors, and trips to the toilet - though not necessary in that order, of course!) I'll be writing the script on my days off from "Frank..." so it could very well be completed come the end of April. :)


I'm on a two week Easter break. Woot! That means I get to spend my time writing lots of my lovely scripts (see above) and planning a few others out. I also get to be a bit of a lazy arse, and sit down watching DVDs all day. But that's okay; I've bought that many of them recently, it's great to have an opportunity to catch up on my watching!!


At this exact moment in time I'm just a couple of episodes away from the midway point in Angel's third season (and therefore, the midway point of the entire series). It's an exhilarating ride watching all the episodes of a show in one go - and Angel benefits from such treatment. :) <---- AGAIN!

I'm also watching a cracking series calling "Joking Apart", written by my personal fave, Steven Moffat. The show is hilariously great, and I encourage you to track it down and buy it - especially since Replay DVD, the label who've released it, are a small independent company - set up to release shows like "Joking Apart" that haven't ever seen the light of day before.


I'm still spending far too much. Bought the complete series of "The X Files" last week, and "Six Feet Under" too. Oh, and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and Chris Carter's other show, "Millennium"! I dunno; I just fee so dead inside right now - and I have done for such a long time. Spending money just makes me feel alive again, and I like that. Hence, I spend.

Do you think I've got a problem?!
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