Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Rough Assembly

So, I set out to edit much of the footage I filmed for "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" last week - only the damn Mac computers were playing up, and no actual editing got done. Instead me and my partner for the day, Mr. Daniel Frost, sat there, locked in the editing suite, storyboarding the entire film. And you know what? It's looking pretty damn good.

I've got to re-film an interview with myself this Thursday morning, because the original footage (filmed in Heaton Park a week Sunday gone) because the sound and lighting wasn't good enough. You couldn't hear/see what was going on; which was a bugger considering the interview is the centrepiece of the whole three minute documentary!!

As works continues on "Where..." so does it on my short film script, "Cigarettes and Paranoia". I've been given the task of redrafting the thing now - cutting out all of the fatty bits, and reassembling the package to maximise the script's potential.

"Paranoia" could well be the most mature and intelligent thing I've ever wriiten, but first it's in dire need of a polish. Like "Where..." the thing is shaping up nicely, meaning that I'm more than happy. I dunno, it just feels like I'm getting there at last; things are coming together nicely in my life. I'm writing scripts and filming things I've always wanted to do. It's a little cheesy to say it, but I feel like a proper writer/film-maker at last.
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