Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Close the Door Behind You...

It's been almost a year since I left Holy Cross College behind; a year since I said goodbye to the (few) friends that I had made there, and moved on with my life. I got a job, and went to uni, and did all that crazy stuff that us crazy folk do. But then, last night, I returned to Holy Cross one last time, for the college's presentation evening - however, it wasn't what I expected.

Let's start at the beginning of the story, hmm? I worked a 9-1 shift at the cinema Monday day time; or at least, I was supposed to. I say supposed and italic it as such because I wasn't betting on another member of staff being fired that day and the managers asking me to stay on an extra few hours. Which meant I didn't do a 9-1 shift - more like a 9-5.

I got home and had very little time to get ready, so practically threw the clothes I'd planned to wear on - and left the house, and met up with the parents in town. The venue was Manchester's Bridgewater Hall, which - on reflection - should have been a clue: this was a very formal do, and me and my appearence? Not so much with the formal.

So, from the get go, surrounded by folks in tuxedos and girls in pretty dresses, I felt out of place in my grey cord pants, and exotic looking shirt/t-shirt combo. Nobody stared or said anything to me 'bout it, but I felt it. I felt their "Oh my God"s and their "Wtf?"s. Especially embarrassing for me (and my parents) when I then had to go up on stage before a thousand of those smartly dressed buggers wearing what I was wearing, with them wearing what they were wearing!!

So, not the best experience. I did pick up a subject award for Film Studies though - which, alas, wasn't an elaborate statue like last year's award (see "Self") but a measely envelope with "Film Studies - Anthony Howard" written across it, and a £10 book token inside. A book token?! Considering that this was a film award, they could have at least gone native and got me DVD vouchers, or something. Geez... ;)

Aside from that, not a fun night - and as soon as the ceremony was over I got the hell out of thata place. Had no desire to hang around with anybody there - because, to be perfectly frank, I got on with so very few of them, and besides, the majority of people there on the night I don't know. That's the sad thing about Holy Cross for me - I never got that involved, and certainly never spent the time getting to know people.

A wasted opportunity? Perhaps. But fact is, most of the people in my year group at college were idiots anyways - show-offs, or loud mouths, or general arseholes! Never wanted to know them, because people like that... don't mix well with me.

To conclude then, it was great to revisit my old self, my college self, for one night only - but I wouldn't ever want to go there again. That door, as far as I'm concerned, is closed - and I've moved on to bigger and better things. I'll always be glad for the opportunities given to me by Holy Cross, but it's time that part of my life was relegated to the history books.

Now, what's next...?
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