Tuesday, 6 May 2008

All That Change

Normally when I'm away during these "vacation periods" it's for a very lazy, unconsequential reason. Not this time! Oh no! I've actually used my time away from blogging to good effect - creating a brand spanking new script (more on that later), a university presentation (later...be patient!) and filming a tribute to lost friend, Roger Manthorpe (LATER!!!).

I'm still only at draft one stage of "Skye's Reprise" right now - the story of a writer, caught up in an abyss of bad writing, who learns that today is make or break; he either writes his perfect script now, or never, because the chance won't ever come again. It's a uni project, and I've got to write the opening 15 minutes of the drama. So far, I've managed roughly 10. Still, I've got until Friday to complete the thing, so fingers crossed!

Another deadline is for the short film I'm producing called "Semblance of Norm". We dressed the set all last week, and started actual shooting on Friday. We had a proper actor, a lovely Bolton College student called Sam Carr, and everything! And in the middle of all this shooting and chaos that it brings, I was directing! Serious, proper directing - on the power!

Still, at least my university media presentation is out of the way! I had to conduct research on theorist Ferdinand de Saussure, and relate this research to a unspecified text, or set of texts. Me and my group chose to talk about Saussure's theory of semiotics based around the "Alien" and "Predator" films (including their crossovers). What fun! To make matters worse, it was pretty late in the day when my group finally kicked their arse into gear and got some work done (only after I'd written a presentation script, mind). However, despite this, we did get top marks out of the whole group, which is kinda an achievement. You can read the presentation script, if you so wish, by pressing clicky clicky here.

I can't believe this first year of uni is almost up already! Man, I can still remember last summer, and all the changes it brought, like it was yesterday... Ah, those were the days - working at the cinema when the old team were still there. I was but a newbie, and never dared to boss a single person around. Now I'm one of the older guys there, the bossing around never stops!

Seriously though, this past year feels like... I dunno... my life has changed forever (and that's no understatement). Remember, one year tomorrow is a year to the day since Katie O'Donnell dumped my ass - and all that pain and heartbreak, despite having a new and wonderful girlfriend, is still apparent. She was my backbone for so long, and after she left, I turned to jelly. Took me a long time to find my feet again, but, at last, I'm here.

It's what all the change has brought about.
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