Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The July Challenge

Okay, it goes like this. I'm setting myself a little challenge. Yes, that's right, challenge, me, one month. July. 31 days. By the end of this month, I'm detirmined, I'm going to have done the following things - just because; they've waited enough. It's time I get off my lazy ass and finally get something done!!

Here goes the wish list...

1: "Angel" on DVD
I started re-watching the series last October - all five series, from beginning to end. It's dragged out long enough, one thinks! I'm currently on episode nine of series five (the final season). By the end of this month I expect to have completed the series' run - at long, long last! Feels like I've spent an eternity watching this show!

2: "Shitwank & Dualiet"
A tragic-comedy script that I'm writing, based on and around Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet". It's in verse, and everything! The surprising thing about this isn't that it's the first comedy script I've *ever* written (oh no, that comes but mere second to an even more shocking secret) - it's that I'm already almost all the way through the film's first act! Kept that one a secret, didn't I?

Here's a quick quote:

"...And doth, the evening news should say; two robots marrying, but they're gay."

Yep; tis true - the script dumps old Romeo and his boring human Juliet - in favour of two gay robots, called "Shitwank" and "Dualiet"! It's quite a nice, poetic anti-homophobia morality piece, actually - and fun too, which is often missing from my work!

3: "Coliseum"
A script that me and my friend Phil Verstappen are developing together - and there's no gay robots, or Shakespeare verse in sight, sorry!! Doubt I'll have this, the story of one man's battle against his reoccuring childhood nightmare, completed by the end of the month - but maybe I can have the first draft done and dusted by then? If I type fast? Who knows.

4: "Frank's Apocalypse"
Yeah; that old conundrum. A script I've been writing for nigh on a year now, and at last - I've almost cracked it! Listening to a mixture of Bob Dylan and hi-tempo 1980's mega hits (not the most obvious musical pairing, I agree...) seem to have gotten me there. I *think* I know what the script needs now; just the right amount of laughter and tears. Beforehand, it was either too funny - or too damn sad!

Gonna complete episode one, draft one by the end of the month. The first episode now has the working title (that'll probably remain, hoorah!) of "Blowin' in the Wind".

I love it!

5: "House of Garnon" blog
This place has been a little neglected of late, hasn't it? Well, it's my aim that by the end of the month I'll have posted once a day - at least - meaning that we'll have 31 July 2008 entries; taking us way past the 200th blog post mark, and into the future! Might give it a quick once over, whilst I'm at it, too!

6: "Timespotters" overhaul
I'm gonna revisit those "Timespotters" scripts that I wrote years back; the ones that I created this very site to act as a commentary of. I'll read over them all, pick out any highlights, and add them to my Facebook page for anybody and everybody to read. Sure, they're not my greatest accomplishments, but they're a nice neat side step in my script writing development; the first time I ever attempted to write a drama pilot script!

For anybody interested, you can read a prose story - "Foreign Devils" - that I wrote way back in 2003 (and re-mastered last month) by clicking here.

Also, here's the Professor Boone scene I did for the "Skeletons" play of 2007.

7: Stream of Consciousness
It's about time I did another one of these things; just to get a number of thoughts and opinions off of my chest. Remind me, I must commit a good two hours sometime to writing it!

And that's about it, methinks - for now at least! I'm gonna try and maintain this whole 'update every day' thing, and see how it works out. It'll probably end with me just waffling on... as per usual. Still, should be fun catching up.

Welcome back Mr. Howard; July awaits you.
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