Saturday, 5 July 2008

Blowin' in the Wind

Here’s how it is: I’m me, Anthony, a 21st century sort of guy. I’m a student at university who spends any of his available free time either at work, or asleep, or both. The guy who I aspire to be is hidden underneath layers and layers of... nothing.

Here’s how it was: I’m me, Anthony, a 20th century sort of kid. I’m a pupil at school who spends all of his time doing what he wants, when he wants – so full of ambition and never ending dreaming.

I don’t know when it changed from what was to what is, but I have a fair idea. It’s around the same time that I opened my eyes and realised that, rather surprisingly, the world was full of people – other people! People that weren’t me, or my family! Actual people! When my awareness awoke, then so did I.

Because that was the same time I realised just how small I was in comparison to the world. Tiny when compared to people who’ve been already – like William Shakespeare (I’ll never write verse as perfect as him, apparently) or Winston Churchill (I’ll never lead a war torn nation as perfect as him, apparently) or a thousand other names that I’ll never do “xxxx as perfect as xxx, apparently”.

When you’re aware of people, your eyes suddenly open to the lives they’ve lead, and the legacies they created, and naturally – being the eyes-open sort of guy that you are, you compare yourself to them – and realise just how far you’ve got to go!

If I was a lesser man, I’d let the weight of all that legacy and the need for past preservation defeat me; but I won’t. No sirree. Never defeat; always appreciation.

They were all artists, who offered the world so much.

I, too, am an artist. Give me half a chance, and I’ll show you what I can do.
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