Tuesday, 22 July 2008

He Goes Left (I Stay Right)

One of the most frustrating things about working in a cinema is just how often you lose the people you care about. Staff turn over is extremely high, meaning that the folks you call friends often move onto pastures new and - worse still - leave you behind, all on your lonesome, at work. I've seen it happen too many times before.

There was this guy who I was particularly close to. Now, understand this, I don't make friends very easily. Never have. But this guy, well we talked that often and I feel he understands me enough to justify my calling him a true, loyal 'friend'. And he left on Sunday. Bastard.

It was one of the first lessons I learnt at work, to accept that people you like will leave, and other people will join the party later on. Guess it's one of the many reasons why I find it so hard to connect to the newbies; because I know there's a good chance that these new employees won't be around for very long, so what's the point going through the pain of getting to know each and every one of them if they're just going to leave, and we'll never keep in touch.

Generally I'll wait a while before I make an effort, a true effort, with people at work, and try to connect with them, and learn a little something about them - because if they last a month or so, then chances are they won't go disappearing so fast, and they'll be around for a while at least.

So yeah, it's sad to lose somebody from the team. Everytime it crushes me, but I tell myself that the world goes on, it must do. Just because a departure has been made, doesn't mean the rest of us don't carry on - because we must. It's how things keep moving forward. It's how progress is made. So goodbye old friends, you'll be missed - but here's to whatever lies ahead.
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