Monday, 14 July 2008

Holy Blog Post Batman!

They say you don't escape childhood - those things that shaped and moulded you in those vital first few infant years. Guess when I think about my own childhood, it was influenced by a very small number of things - family, school, television/film, and Batman.

Oh yeah, Batman baby!

Looking back on that first 'era' of my life, I remember feeling so lonely; even though I was rarely on my own, or indeed, alone. I just liked to shy away from people - and sat in my bedroom at the weekends, and whenever I got home from school (out of choice) because I'd feel comfortable there, playing with my toys.

Dunno if you ever watched it when it was first on, but a large part of my infancy was spent watching Batman: The Animated Series. I loved hat show - Mum and Dad used to buy all of the merchandise for me! I had the lunch box, the bubble bath, you name it, I had it! Oh, and the full collection of toy action figures they released, too.

I'd sit up there in my room every day, playing with those toys - creating stories for the first time; using characters I knew and understood to create dramatic situations.

I'm telling you this because to understand me then is to understand me now. I'm still that young boy, playing with his toys to create stories that excite him, and make him want to wake up everyday. It's what motivates me - Batman kickstarted that fascination; a journey that won't ever end until I die.

This morning, my Blu-Ray copy of Batman Begins arrived on my doormat, along with another DVD - a cartoon Batman story, much like the one I used to watch as a child. I spent the evening watching the two films, and they reminded me why I got into the storytelling game in the first place.

Because I'm the kid with the toys.

And I doubt I'll ever stop playing.
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