Wednesday, 30 July 2008

My New Leaf

A few people I know who read this little blog of mine (hello!) got in contact the other day, after reading my previous blog entry. You see, they kinda got the wrong end of the stick - believing that the post was me down in the dumps, depressed about the state of my life. Oh no. Well... not quite. It was me complaining about how crappy things have been recently; but more than anything else, it was me looking to the future, quite optimistic that good things were coming my way.

Things have already started changing, for the better. I wrote Clare a letter earlier this week, to sorta apologise for the way I've behaved whilst she's been away in New Zealand. You see, I wasn't the strong, reliable boyfriend she needed during her travels. I was a whinny, almost selfish mess - demanding far too much of her time, at a point where she was supposed to be out there having the time of her life. Well, my response to that? I will be strong; I will be the sort of guy she deserves again. I don't doubt it.

Next week it's back to my scripts, one thinks! I've the "Shitwank & Dualiet" piece to complete, not to mention my "Frank's Apocalypse" commitments, and whatever else I feel like writing come August time!! Before I know it, it'll be back to university - and I'll be moaning that I have too little time to write the damn things! ;)

Might go and watch the new "X Files" movie this weekend, even though I've heard nothing but bad reviews surrounding it. Saying that, I've always have a nostalgic fondness for both Mulder and Miss Scully; they scared the shit out of me every Sunday night growing up and watching the show on BBC Two. Remember those damn cockroaches that they investigated one week?!

Might go... no, never mind. I was going to joke about watching "Space Chimps", but what'd be the point. The film looks shite, and I just can't be bothered even joking about it, to be completely honest!

(You know, typing this my finger just started aching - I'm one of those "one finger" typers; never got round to learning how to type properly! Yep, my bad - I'm a writer. A slow writer too, apparently! So hey, my one sole typing finger is allowed to ache sometimes, okay...?)

I owe my faithful Nan a trip to the cinema. Promised her an AGE ago that we'd watch "The Dark Knight" together - only she's been stuck away in Wales this past week or so, meaning she couldn't watch the staff showing at work with me and Dad. She missed out... now we've got to pretend that we didn't see the film without her. Oops.

Anyhoo, most important thing is that Clare is back, and boy - have I missed her! Have no idea when I'll see her next. She's a busy lass, and I'm a busy guy. Could be as late as next week sometime. To be honest, I wouldn't mind if I didn't see her until then; means she has the rest of this week and the weekend to reunite with her family, spend some quality time with them, and catch up with all of her friends. Hope they're all smiling as much as I am knowing they've got her back :)

That's me done for another day. I could go on, but you know what? The news has kinda depressed me - all this talk of credit crunches, and political coups, and everything else. Sometimes it's exhausting (emotionally!) living in this fair land of ours. Till next time, I guess.
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