Monday, 11 August 2008

Coldplay Saved Me

I have this thing about Sundays - they depress me. Always have and probably always will. No matter what I'm up to, I can't escape the feeling that each and every Sunday I'm just wasting my day, doing nothing - waiting for Monday and the next week of days to arrive. Yesterday wasn't any different.

Strange thing is, I actually had a reason to be depressed yesterday. Ya see, I learnt something that I wasn't previously aware of; regarding my girlfriend and a comment she may or may not have made off the cuff to one of our friends, that - if true - isn't exactly the greatest news one would want to hear. Especially on a ruddy Sunday.

A little depressed, I went up into Projection at work and talked to my good friend Chris, and stayed there longer than I probably should have done; just talking about life, and love, and all the things that we wanna do with our lives, but find excuses not to do. It was a good chat, but one that left me even more depressed than ever before - because I realised something. I don't wanna be here anymore in rainy England. I've started getting this itch for adventure and travel - I want to escape and see the world.

But at the minute, that's the last thing I can do. I've got two years left at uni, and all sorts of other commitments. But don't get me wrong, it's coming. June 2010, I'm taking a year or two out and just going to have a little fun exploring this bizarre world of our's.

Anyhoo, I'm rapidly getting off topic. So, Sunday is depressing, and today of all days, it's more depressing than ever before. I'm seeing the glass half empty, when... it happens.

I get a taxi, and it's exactly what I needed at that precise moment in time.

So, okay, I was over charged, the seat wasn't that comfy, and the driver was as mad as a dingbat - but, hell, the driver was as mad as a dingbat!! He sat there, singing along to Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" and listening to him massacre what Chris Martin has already massacred, I realised just how good and wacky and insane it all is. Don't ask me why, but Coldplay coming out of that taxi driver's mouth, it sounded so beautiful (but sooooo off key ;) ) and I just knew - though I've no idea why...

Everything was gonna be okay.

Even if it was still Sunday.
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