Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Anthony's Things of Old

It's funny how much things mean to us, isn't it? I don't mean the obvious - family, friends, pets, etc. I'm talking about the smaller things, that embed themselves upon our lives. Take myself as an example (which is good, considering this is my blog and all...) I've had these pair of plimsoles going on two or three years now, and considering they weren't flashy Converses or anything, just the cheap variant, then that's quite an achievement. I've become attached to them, which makes it all the more heartbreaking then that, after taking them around the world to Portugal, they're finally falling apart.

I know what a sensible person would do; what decision they'd reach.

The shoes should be thrown away, and a new pai bought.

Only... I can't.

These shoes house so many memories - like the fact that I only got them because of David Tennant's Doctor (Doctor Who). I'd never even considered buying a pair of plimps before them because, frankly, they were a little uncool in my eyes. Seeing Mr. Wibbly-Wobbly wearing them changed that perception forever, and now they're practically the only type of footwear you'll see me in!

Also, I remember wanting to get a pair for months before I actually did, but my girlfriend at the time not wanting me to have them! She said they were 'bad', or some bullshit like that! Eventually I stepped out of her shadows, and ignored the bossy cow and just got them anyway! That first pair, the ones that just died on me, that lasted so long.

They were with me when I went to London, and Wales, and Portugal. I wore them through my break-ups, my pleading get-back-with-mes. My eaxms. My job interview. University. I remember looking down at them in, holding back the tears after finding out that Roger Manthorpe had died. They've been with me through thick and thin, and I can't bare to say goodbye to them.

Of course, they're just material possession. They shouldn't cause a reaction like that, because ultimately, they are just things. Objects. Nothing more. So why does it hurt me so much that they're finally bidding adieu?

I guess, much in the same way as we do with our pets, we put something of ourselves into the world around us, and appreciate it that little bit more than we should because, for exactly that reason, it is our world - moulded in our own shape, to our comforts.

It pains us to throw away those things of old because it's like letting go of our own past - which means we have to look to the future, and that's scary, because who knows what's around that corner? Could be anything. Change brings the unexpected, and who wants that? We'd much rather have the same old things surrounding us, all through life.

Equally that's why we break down when people leave our lives, because it means starting new relationships; making an effort, to move forward and embrace the change/unexpected.

Perhaps it's time to throw those shoes away? Yeah, definitely. Out with the old! It's the only way I'm going to move forward, fall in love with some new plimps, and have some kids with th- Erm... scratch that last point. Definitely scratch it ;)
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