Friday, 19 September 2008

Character Assassin

Have spent pretty much all of the last week locked away in my bedroom writing. It's been a long time coming - feels like an eternity since I last picked up my pen and did anything (my last completed script, excluding the very special just-for-a-friend "Admission for One", was waaaaaay back in March; oh my!) So I'm off on my interlectual travels, and I feel all the better for it.

I'm writing the fourth issue in the third volume of "Assassin" adventures, a comic series I first started writing almost five years ago now - gosh, was it really January 2004?! Each volume consists of exactly eight issue, meaning I'm about halfway through this current collection now. That's the good news. And the bad?

I started writing volume tros April 2006!!

That's almost as bad as Douglas Adams, with regards to his infamous sixth Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy book, that never arrived before his ultimely death in 2001.

The curious thing is that the last issue was written just a few weeks before my break-up with ex-girlfriend Katie O'Donnell; a break-up that broke my heart and made me angry for such a long time afterwards. Guess that's why I stopped writing the comic then, because of the anger? Maybe it was work commitments, or perhaps just an insecurity that I had no idea where to take the series next, I dunno.

So that's back on track, which I think is great. Unless you're a writer yourself you can't possibly understand how healthy one's mind feels when it's got an active project on the go - all these clogs that have stopped turning and started collecting manky cobwebs suddenly start turning again. It's like now, I'm waking up in the morning with a purpose, a little something - a commentary on the world around me. In that way (a very, very personal way, mind) I feel like I'm making some sort of difference to the world around me.

It's like I matter.

Anyhoo, saw Tropic Thunder yesterday. It's a blast... in parts. It's what I like to kindly refer to as a letter "W" film - in that it peaks beginning, middle, end. All the rest just happens to be fodder to what comes next. It's funny none the less; though, without giving TOO much away, the trailer does reveal a vital plot point...

You have been warned, folks!

I'm off again now - there's a bedroom, pen/paper and the prospect of a deeper meaning because of it all waiting for me up there...
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