Monday, 22 September 2008

Dead of Night

You'll find me here most nights, sat on the downstairs computer to God knows what hour in the morning re-visiting the same old websites; sites that I've already checked out at least two or three times during the daytime. There's no real reason why I should be sat here at this time, just seems like an easy way to waste a couple of hours.

Of course, I'm not *always* here. Occassionally I'll use these oh-so-friendly hours to write, or at least plan, scripts. 'Cos of the quiet nature of - say - three in the morning, what with everyone in bed and all, it's so easy to just sit down and write, because you're not being disturbed by anybody else. A problem I have a lot of the time when I'm daylight writing, as I like to call it, is that the family shout me downstairs EVERY OTHER MINUTE. It's hard to concentrate, which makes it impossible to write.

That silence that these hours brings... there's nothing quite like it. It allows all of them voices inside one's head to wonder free, undisturbed, and come to the surface to inform me, or harm me, or whatever the hell it is that thoughts do to one's mine this late at night when energy levels are sunk, and consciousness is slipping!

Tonight I've had a more productive than usual night. Took time out to watch the pilot episode of HBO's The Wire, which I've had on DVD for over six months now and despite raves reviews, haven't had the time to watch. I quite liked it; very complex storytelling, that leaves me wanting more. Yep, even this late at night, I recognise what's good for me, and how great drama should be documented.

Also, been planning some more of my oh-so-fave "Frank's Apocalypse" series. It's been almost a year now, and here's where those 366 days have taken me - I have an episode one clearly mapped out but not yet written, a clear indication of where the rest of the series will take me, and - most important, this one - the characters that'll join with me for it. Progress is, very slowly and painfully, being made - promise...

Which takes me up to this very blog post - an experiment of mine to see if I can actually write cohesive text this late at night. You're the reader, so tell me, did my experiment work? Am I cut out to write at this midnight hour, or should I really be tucked up in bed, dreaming of a world that couldn't be? Dunno myself; night time does crazy things to your head.

As is apparent by this surreal and disjointed blog post of mine.

Night, all.
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