Friday, 5 September 2008

Sun Burn

There was a time, it's silly I know, when I hated holidays. Honestly, I did! I used to think that they were distracting, and took away from the jobs one has to do at home. But then I lightened up and realised just how damn essential vacations are - because, after all, a little R&R can do wonders for the body, and mind.

Take me; it'd been over a year since my last time away from home and I was starting to feel the strain. 365 days of work and university and relationships and all that strop had gotten on top of me! Then, over a week ago, I went away to Praia Da Oura in the Algarve, Portugal - and now I'm feeling top of the world again!

That period away gave me a chance to have some time on my own, and widen my experiences. I went on a historic tour of the Algarve region, and learnt a little culture! Also, safari! Oh yeah! I came back home having saw a little more of this world of ours, knowing a little better where I fit in back at home, and also knowing that - ultimately - I want to go out there again to travel and explore these lands a little more. Planet Earth, you're mine!

To holiday successfully, you gotta have the sun, and boy did we! Ususally, I burn pretty intensely, but somehow I managed to avoid it this time... well, almost! The last two hours(!) I fell asleep waiting for the coach - in the middle of suffering from a mild case of alcohol poisioning (don't ask, seriously, don't ask) and my t-shirt rolled halfway up my chest - meaning that I've now got half a burnt/peeling belly. Thanks, Portuguese sun!

But if we ignore the sun burn, I've come back so refreshed. Mentally I feel as though my batteries are charged again. They might not be a full 100%, but they're higher than before! Emotionally, with my girlfriend Clare, I've felt a little strain recently. Things just haven't been working out, just ask any of my friends who've seen how unhappy I've become. Now (hopefully, at least) things will be different. Perhaps these batteries, too, will be back up and things will improve for the better??

Of course, this good cheer is a little fruitless - I've yet to return to work! No doubt, when I do it'll be all chaos and running around again, and the energy levels will just drop down to zero once more. I dunno, hope not. I've become a little sick of waking up each day, if I'm honest, and not wanting to get out of bed because I just *can't*. Seriously, life's become a drag - that holiday, as fun as it was, has convinced me otherwise. Life is fun; you just need to know how to live a little.

So, despite the sun burn, thanks Portugal!
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