Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Fast Food, Fast Rant

Before I go off on one, I want to begin this little blog moan... erm, I mean 'post' of mine with a disclaimer. No doubt my sister Donna is reading - be it on my Facebook account where this ends up via RSS feed, or - which would surprise me immensely - here in this blog; so I just want to assure her that this post has nothing to do with her, honest!

You see Donna works at a nearby McDonalds restaurante. Right, okay, you now get that. She's worked there a long time now, and has worked her way up the ranks. That I respect. You can read into that that I have nothing against my sister. Love her to bits... mostly. The statement that follows = nothing to do with her.

Sorry Donna if you still think it does (it doesn't).

Okay, here goes:

I hate people who work in fast food outlets - be it McDonalds, or KFC, or Pizza Hut, or Burger King, or whatever. You see I was at BK today, stuck in an enlarged queue, when it hit me: I detest everybody and everything inside that building and buildings like it.

Why? Let's put it this way, nice and simple: I was caught in a queue for a good 20 minutes. Hmm, nothing wrong with that, you might add, but consider this, there was just one other person ahead of me in that queuing system, ONE MAN! The God damn cashier was just that slow that... well, I left the place hungrier than when I went into it! A whole meal's worth of food had digested by the time I was served.

What really gets me though is just how unapologetic the guy serving was when I finally got to the front, as if it's an every day thing that a cashier should cock up half a dozen times and cry for his manager to clear his till. I'll let you in on the secret: It's not. He's at fault, be it through stupidity, or just damn clumsiness. Say sorry to me; that one word translates as a million things, bucko!

And then of course you have the managers - usually 20 something, cocky-yet-unattractive women (again Donna - NOT ABOUT YOU!!) who think themselves Queens of their entire worlds, and the world around them. The way they speak to those cashiers, who may or not deserve it (mine did, but still, it's shocking to hear them treat him like that - just because somebody deserves something negative doesn't mean they should neccessarily get it...) is totally out of order. Honest girls - poke your head out of the store doors long enough to realise something; you're *just* fast food managers. Of all the things you could be manager of in this world, that's pretty low down. On all the things you could be in life, it's even lower down. Get a grip of reality, and get your head out of your asses.

To them you're just a customer who's worth a quick buck. Get your food, down it in one, either buy more food, or leave the shop - no doubt that's their ultimate wetdream, fast food folk. It's a disgrace just how much they look down on you. Hell, I bet crack dealers have more respect and admiration for their customers! But no, the FFF don't care about you or the dining experience you hope for. In/out, in/out - spread the bucks about.

Normally I'd say the food is worth it all, though. It's usually their one redeeming feature - but not any more. Not after shows like Jamie's School Dinners, or Super Size Me. They leave an overwhelming sense of guilt to the fast food diner, who are now collectively aware of the poor quality and maybe-dangers to health and sanity that fast food offer. Seriously, that simile I used about crack dealers extents to the their customers. I'm sure drug users feel less guilty about shooting up than fast food eaters do about opening up (their mouths).

Right now I'm trying to eat a little more healthy after a year of self-sabotage, eating lots and lots and even more lots of lots of crappy foods. Time I get a grip and pull back a little. Last few weeks I've been drinking nothing but water, and it's doing me the world of good. Of course, I'm still eating things like Ben and Jerry's ice cream, and Burger King, so still, not all is right with my diet!

Perhaps it's better for my health if I *do* avoid those fast food outlets (with their crappy quality food) and the FFF inside (because they drive me insane, clearly). Ulimately, it'd be the best thing for me. If we all followed that philosphy, and didn't just jump in there like mindless zombies, then perhaps the fast food bosses wouldn't take us for granted, and take notice of us customers again, and treat us how we feel we deserve to be treated.

I don't know, could that happen? Or are we over indulged in that FF culture? Can we seperate it from our daily lives, and regain control of food? I honestly don't know.

Next, please!

*Hmm... does nobody find it suspicious that at a time when petrol rises twofold in three/four years, and inflation is on the rise, that McDonalds haven't raised the price of any of their food for the last 15 years? I mean, Happy Meals were £1.99 when I was a wee bunny - surely they haven't shrunk the food that much, or cut much out, so what has changed/been dropped? Quality, maybe..?
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