Monday, 6 October 2008

Read My Mind

I officially started back at university again today; the first day of second year. Boy, that feels weird. Doesn't feel like yesterday, does it, that I was sat here writing after my very first day? A million trillion things seperate then from now. Luckily I seem to have escaped that unhappiness that followed much of my first year there; we've got a brand new campus (the place actually looks like a proper uni should now! Shock! Horror!) and the journey there isn't so horrendous. Instead of one 60 minute bus journey, I'm now on two different buses, that eat up only half an hour of my time. Ergo, no more 95 route bus everyday. What a relief!

Somewhere over that long summer vacation my enthusiasm for the place - and the course especially - has renewed itself, also, meaning that I want to be there again. I'm quite happy spending three days of my week inside that place, learning the skills I want to know if I'm ever to follow that dream of writing professionally.

Honest, I've got no idea where that renewed enthuisasm came from. Maybe it was just a natural thing; my batteries had run so low (especially after the nightmare experience filming "Semblance of Norm") that a break from the place - and writing in particular - was just what I needed. Of course, a break away isn't always the best option...

I'm finding it extremely hard getting back into the swing of things writing wise, after a summer I virtually wasted. I had all these grand plans and intentions, and didn't follow through on any of them. It makes me feel so guilty, that I have this talent and I just let it go to waste. It sickens me, sometimes, to think that there's people out there who live their lives not knowing what their potential could be, and here I am just wasting my own.

That's why I'm detirmined that, from this point, it's about time I get down to business and actually DO SOME WORK. Oh God, I've gotten lazy. Too damn lazy. And, as a writer, that's not a good thing - how could it be? I've started to use excuses, too, which is just as bad. Like "I can't write today, I'm still hung up about my ex", or "work! work! work!" or "Let me watch a DVD instead, huh?" Not good enough Mister! Get down to it, and stop wasting that potential.

Which brings me to the blog title. Aside from being one of my favourite Killer tracks (the Killers are the current soundtrack to my creativity) it represnts an experiment I'm conducting upon myself, to see if I'm capable of writing a script without making notes of any kind. I have to live with the idea from its genesis through to natural conclusion all inside my head. It's what writers like Russell T Davies and Alan Bennant do, isn't it? Their philosphy is that once ideas hit a piece of paper, they're never quite as fresh again, and I think that's too. I'm so good at planning, but I over-expose myself in the stuff. Once it comes to the actual writing, the ideas have lost something. I dunno what; charm maybe?

So that brings us up to date. The idea I'm going to conduct the experiment upon is a nice little script, called "Does It Need Saying?" I already have an idea mapped out for the first scene, or two, and we'll see where the journey takes me from there. Exciting, huh?
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