Thursday, 20 November 2008

Wheel Turning

Got home from uni to some surprising news, that my Nan has been rushed into hospital - just a few weeks prior to her 75th birthday - complaining of breathing difficulties. If that wasn't sad enough, she left Mum a telephone message, saying that she wasn't feeling too well and that she's saying goodbye for the last time. Silly woman, always talking like that. Of course I recognise she's not invincible; I've grown up surrounded by her diabetes and the complications it brings her - but that doesn't mean I'm ready to accept that this could be it for her, the final curtain. I don't think you ever could be, no matter how old your relative. There's always that hope that their life will carry on forever, and you never have to say goodbye.

Man, I hope this isn't the time I say goodbye.

Right now it's half one in the morning, and we still haven't heard anything back from my Mum, who's sat waiting with Nan in the A&E waiting room of North Manchester General. They've been there almost seven hours now... Not that I'm critical of the British medical system, or anything - clearly ;)

Guess I'm on edge at the mo. Last Saturday was the one year anniversary of Roger Manthorpe's death. It breaks my heart to know that the big fella has been gone for a whole year now, and that life has just carried on like normal since. Roger was an amazing guy, and whenever I'm sat writing, or editing, or directing a piece of work there's always a lovely moment where I think of him, and can't help but smile at his sense of humour and zest for life. It was taken away from him far, far too soon.

[Mum just got back. Nan's got a chest infection, a severe one at that, but I suppose we can call it good news.]

As ever, onwards and upwards. Scripts to write, essays to undertake, and so little time to do anything - anything at all!! December 1st seems to be the set deadline for a lot of that work, so I shall be glad when it's come and gone. And then..then...Christmas. Again. Only feels like yesterday the last one came around. The wheel keeps turning; faster and faster.
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