Sunday, 14 December 2008

Chaos @ Christmas

I spent yesterday panicing because I've yet to buy a single Christmas present. No, no, that's a lie - because I'd already bought two, for Mum and my sister Donna. Thing is though, what with work and uni I have little free time on my hands and I haven't really had a chance to look for presents at all. Poor old me, with no time to shop!!

Dad and I went into Manchester city centre yesterday to look for last minute(ish) buys, but we couldn't have picked a worse day if we'd tried. Apparently Saturday was the busiest shopping day that 2008 has seen. And me and Dad were stuck in the middle of all that madness. Ooops.

Literally everywhere you turned people were willingly queuing up all the way to the shop door, sometimes beyond it! Even if I had seen any bargains there or ideal crimbo presents (luckily I didn't!) I don't think I would have joined queues that side. Not if you'd paid me!!

On Friday I went into the local Woolworths, having heard of its so-called closing down sale. Hmm... sale my arse! Nothing in there was particularly cheap. Infact I have a sneaky suspicion that a lot of the goods in there were price increased so that when the new V.A.T level hit and the sales began, prices were the same (if not more than) they were before!! I'm guessing the compnay's new administrators had something to do with that, to maximise the amount of money they'll make back before Woolies closes for the last time around New Year...

Still, didn't stop literally hundreds of people picking up any old shit and buing it, just because a) it might be their last time to do so in Woolworths, and b) because they thought they were getting a bargain. They really weren't. It's no wonder methinks that Woolies has gone down the plan - I prediced it would as early as 2006. The shop is just meaningless now, and sells bucket loads of poop that folk can buy faster and cheaper elsewhere.

I ended up buying most of my presents on the cheap, from the God of Cheap Shopping - Costco! I got a selection of quality DVDs for a relatively small amount, and of course - as a bonus - I beat the queues. Always good.

Just got about a quarter of my family left to buy for...
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