Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Hey, Who Turned Out the Lights?

Still can't believe how much it snowed last night! Woke up this morning and the ground was covered by the stuff - so much so I couldn't get the bus as the traffic was gridlock, and they weren't running! In the end I stayed at home and did... nothing!

OMGosh, I'd almost forgotten what the meaning of the word "fun" was, having spent the last week locked away in my tiny bedroom writing essays and scripts until the cows came home. Well today, I'm proud to say, I completed that first draft 15 page sample script which meant that (along with yesterday's bastard essay) my university work is, for the time being, complete!

The script is called "Memento Mori" (having previously been titled "The Pen and Paper Paradox") and follows one Kalvin Booker - a writer, who's father is attacked and killed by the notorious Cherry Hilton street gang. Kalvin and his cousin Evelyn swear revenge, but how far are they willing to take it, and at what cost?

An extract from the extract I produced as part of my submission:


Evelyn cuts another piece of pizza, and then eats it. Close on her mouth as she chews the food, her jaw moving up and down, up and down - Kalvin watches, finding it quite disgusting, but wanting her to finish these last few pieces so that the dinner is over and is free.

Finally, Evelyn swallows, and she catches a quick glance of Kalvin looking her way. He looks away, nervous, having learnt his lesson last time. Evelyn picks up her final piece of food, and chews again.

Without hesitation, Kalvin picks up his own plate and leans across to take Evelyn’s - but her hand crashes down and stops him.

Quickly, she swallows her food, and looks at Kalvin.

It makes him a little uncomfortable, and he can’t keep his look back at him, choosing instead to look away.

Why are you in such a rush? Do you want to get away from me, or something?

No. I’m...I’m not in a rush.(a beat) I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Per-lease! You barely touched your food and then the second I’m finished you’re there like a whippet to ferret me away.

Well, I wasn’t. And if I was, I didn’t mean it.

You’re meeting her, aren’t you?

No. I..I just wasn’t in the mood for this, not tonight-

That’s why you’ve been spying that clock all night-

-Or any night for that matter.

-You’re counting down the minutes until your reunion with Miss Delusional-I-love-you.(a beat, realising what he said)What did you just say? You don’t want me here, is that it?

She stands, and it’s enough to send Kalvin cowering backwards into his seat. Evelyn stands tall over him now, looking down at him.

It’s not like that, I told you! It’s just...complicated.

But you do want me here?

Kalvin doesn’t answer, he can’t.

Evelyn watches him for a second, and starts laughing. It’s a fairly sinister laugh, and quite telling. She controls him, at last.

Not bad for a first draft attempt, methinks.

Now that's complete I've been able to enjoy myself a little bit more, and even got to watch my favourite episodes of Doctor Who's fourth series again, those penned by Steven Moffat, "Silence in the Library" and "Forest of the Dead" I honestly think they're genius pieces of television (even if they do borrow massively from the novel "The Time Traveller's Wife") I'm telling you, if River Song doesn't return to fulfill her destiny as the Doctor's 'friend' then there's no justice in this world. Should be quite interesting though; will she meet Tennant's Doctor number ten again before he regenerates in - I presume - Paterson Joseph?

And hey! Finally got my hands on the Vashta Nerada action figure this week, and I'm very impressed by it. Now, if only I could manage to track down those elusive River Song and Time Lord action figures, I'd be a happy man indeedio.

Have also been watching the BBC's impressive new "Survivors" series, but I've got to agree with what columnist Alison Graham wrote in the Radio Times magazine about the show's characters being a very specific range of stereotypes, like the lonely mum, or the 'reformed' prisoner, or the loner, or the Asians, or the slut, or whatever. It's a great series, but one feels that more time has been spent on the storylines, when it was due on those that they involved...

Away from the world of television, but not writing, I've picked up my pen again for the first time since around February, and have resumed working my way through that "2008 hotlist" I created at the turn of the new year. I realise it's been a while since I last updated about that project... I've now completed night on 40 of the stories I set out to finish, of 121, throughout this year. That leaves me a long way to go, and it'd be impossible to complete the task now - but I'm hoping at least to cut that final 80 figure down to maybe just 50 before this year is out. Impossible? Maybe. Worth a try all the same.

Finally, I feel it's about time I get my head around something (a 'something' I won't divulge here, on Blogger or Facebook with -potentially- others reading). Needless to say that my brain feels one way, and my heart the other - what's a guy to do? Guess it'll all become clear to me eventually, and I'll know whether or not to act on those feelings... That's the only hint that you're getting I'm afraid!

It's oh so cold this December night; and dark. Hey, who turned out the lights? ;)

Until next time, farewell and adieu.
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