Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Nana 75

Today's my Nana's 75th birthday, so a cause of celebration I think you'll agree! We converged as a family at her home to wish her all the best, and give her the presents we've assembled over the last couple of weeks. She seemed in a genuinely happy mood throughout, not fazed by her recent stay in hospital. Was great seeing her happy again - it feels like an eternity ago that she was last like that.

When I was little, the woman was there for me whenever I needed her. I have one very specific memory of spending all my weekdays with her one summer, as Mum went out to work. Nan babysat us, but not only that - she kept us entertained, and loved us in a way only she could. That summer sticks with me - it was the year that Teletubies launched and my (then) infant sister was addicted to it. Me and Donna were also glued to the telly, watching CBBC's H.O.T programming ("Holidays on Two"), but it wasn't all about home entertainment.

Nan used to take us all around the local shopping precinct. I remember those trips around Sainsbury's, and inside the nearby charity shops. Nowadays, that doesn't sound like much - but by God, back then they were adventures! And I got to spend them with this woman who demonstrated such care and affection for us, and I fell absoultely in love with her.

Nowadays she's older and not as nimble on her feet, having broke her hip five or six years ago. She's more house bound, but I can still see that desire to get out and have those adventures again, shown through the twinkle in her eye.

I propose a toast, to my Nan - the single most caring woman in the world, a woman so kind that no matter what your needs come before her's, every time. A woman that I love, in short, with every single inch of my heart.

To Rosemary Healey; the first 75 years!!
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