Thursday, 4 December 2008

Stress Free

The ironic thing about my week long holiday from work is... it wasn't a holiday. Pretty much all of last weekend was eaten up writing that bastard essay which I hate, hate, hated. Absolutely. It's one of the reasons why I can't wait to escape the education system - I feel like I've been tied down by it for so long, going straight from school to college and then university without a pause along the way. This is my sixteenth consecutive year just doing nothing but learning, and more and more I'm getting the urge to just get out there into the proper world, and just do something.

Also, hate the work that education demands. It eats up so much of one's time, and it doesn't really serve a purpose, unless that purpose is to torture a soul and have him or her question her own intelligence, and eventually existence! This bastard essay didn't teach me a thing, and I doubt if it had I've take it to the next level once education is up.

But enough about my education rant, it's great just to have a little free time again. Last night I watched three episodes of Seinfeld - my first in almost a fortnight. Oh my gollygosh, it was amazing! Just sitting there, guilt free knowing that I didn't have any other commitments during that short space of time. Woo! It's what I mean; will be great when I'm free from the prison that I feel education holds me in.

I wonder what it'll be like when I've left the system? I presume by then that I'll have left the cinema too - so I'll have my weekends back again, and will be able to lead a convention(ish) sort of life once more! Oh boy, that feels like a pipe dream right now, but I guess it's only 18 months or so away. I can't wait! (Yes, 18 months - I'm halfway [well almost!] through university now!!)

Think I might take some time out, in the hope that I recover from the recent stresses and have a little fun and adventure along the way. I never took a gap year, so missed all that - and I'm still at that point in my life where it isn't impossible to lead that life style, maybe travel and see the world, that sort of thing. I haven't got any real commitments back home, so why not? We'll see how it goes.

For now I have to juggle work and university, and have the occassional buble of freedom to myself. Like last night. Nights like that mean the world to me. Sadly the exercise won't be repeated tonight, because I'm back at work - a 6/10, putting the posters and film times up, a shift which I managed from Summer 2007 through to April this year, before the job was taken off me. Still not over that! It was my poster shift, dammit!!

Anyhoo, back to reality. Work. Uni. Little bit of fun.

My life, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
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