Saturday, 13 December 2008

Tomorrow's Choice

Imagine if you will that God does indeed exist, and the Father of All Creation decides that it's you above all that he wants to help. He talks to you, and because he's such a swell guy he's mad crazy on making you happy (so we're clear this is a fantasy God...) and he's willing to do this by moulding you a partner - but he wants your input.

You have two choices available to you; you can only pick one of them - it's cheating to say "both" or "neither":

Choice 1 - God makes the person to be just like you, and at first everything is perfect between you and him/her. You get along great and have so much fun together. The honeymoon period lasts a while, but slowly starts to disintergrate. Eventually you and your partner are arguing a lot, and it leads to a breakdown of the relationship.

At least you can say you had five or so great years together, despite it going south afterwards.

Choice 2 - God makes you an imperfect being who's not juch like you, and at first you have very little in common. You both like each other, but aren't sure if there's anything beyond that mutual attraction. You try and work at the relationship, but it takes a long time before you make progress. Once it's made however, a long time after you get together, things are fantastic between the two of you, and you spend the rest of your life together.

So you out up with five years of bad, but come out of the other end stronger.

What choice do you make? Either way is equally flawed...

Choice 1 - You want instant happiness without looking ahead to the future. In effect, you're gambling with your emotions, not knowing how it's going to pay off. You're all for the "now" and have no consideration for the "tomorrow".

Choice 2 - You're willing to put yourself through Hell, even if ultimately it's for your best. You have a clear idea what you want, but might never meet those expectations, because the journey there will take its toll and cause you to make judgments that might not be in favour of carrying on the relationship. Perversely you're all for the "tomorrow", never thinking about the "now".

Choice 1 or 2 - take your pick!
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