Monday, 8 December 2008

Untitled Day

Thought I'd do something a little unusual with this post and chronicle a full 24 hours in the life of me, beginning to end. Couldn't have picked a more interesting day to write about, as it happens!

Monday 8th January 2008

12:01am - I'm writing a number of blog posts, and pretending that I wrote them days ago. Take this as an example, though it's date stamped mid-last week, I've only just got round to completing it - but if I don't post it as that date, it'll ruin my attempt to get a perfect December record - i.e. to write a blog post every day during December 2008. Sssh! Don't tell.

12:18am - Currently on Facebook, and the chat box has just sprung up. It's Mel Dean, the security guard from work. I've almost finished work on those blog posts, so I respond to her - although, alas, my full attention isn't on her. A transcript:

12:18am Melanie - Flung a fish at u. Is Mark going to get sacked?
12:20am Anthony - Dunno, why?
12:23am Melanie - Raz said he told sumone on the tills to let sum 10 year olds into a 15 film after they had been refused off two people

12:24am Anthony - Dunno, wasn't there. Probably though - the management don't like him
12:26am Melanie - Lol neither do I. He is so rude! He's like sharon
12:26am Anthony - Haha, well there you go - you should sack him!

12:27am Melanie - Me? Lol, "Mark u r sacked!"
12:27am Anthony - See what he says to that :P
12:27am Melanie - Actually I fink Aasim is worst on the sly.
12:27am Anthony - Oh, definitely

12:28am Melanie - He's a sly bugger him i don't fink Mark means any harm but he don't actually know what he's doin. I wonder what everyone says about me lol.
12:29am Anthony - Oh, they hate you ;)
12:29am Melanie - U do...
12:31amAnthony - Yep, definitely.

12:42am - Conversation ends as she goes offline. I have no idea if she knows I was joking with the "Yep, definitely" line. Hope so. Should think so. So probably not, then.

1:33am - Finally log off the internet after an hour of just messing around, doing nothing, internet surfing. Decide not to go to bed though, and begin to watch my shiny new The Dark Knight Blu-Ray DVD which arrived in the post a couple of days early yesterday.

2:50am - Enough of Batman and its damned special features! I'm off to bed at last - although it takes me a while. I have trouble breathing when I'm lay there, eyes shut. It's a problem that's surfaced recently - I get a build-up of saliva, and I can't release it by swallowing. Should probably get it seen to, along with a long list of other dilemmas...

2:51am-12:23pm - Sleep! Dreams. None of which I can remember upon waking.

12:24pm - Awake! Telephone call, though I don't reach the phone in time. A 1571 message tells me it's my sister's school - she didn't show up for morning registration, and they're informing me of this. I mumble and grumble a little bit, before internet surfing again. Hello, Facebook! My cousin Samantha has left me a few comments, which is always nice. Shows that somebody cares, at least! I decide that I wish more people would message me, because I'd like that. Would make me feel very welcomed!

12:47pm - Another call. It's Mum, telling me she'll be arriving back from work shortly. I go back to internet surfing until she's back...

12:58pm - Mum's back. Time for lunch. I eat a microwavable Rustler Chicken Burger, a packet of Walkers Worcester Sauce crisps, two pieces of malt loaf and a Philidelphia Cheese sweet and sour nachos dip. Served alongside fresh orange juice. At least that's healthy, if not the crisps, burger, cheese dips et al.

1:15pm - Phone ring again, and this time it's my Nan, all the way from a hospital bed. Apparently Mum tried to ring there before, got the wrong number and ended up speaking to another, grumpy old woman instead. Not good. Oh no. Nan's better, anyroad and should be out any day now, if only the doctors released her. I speak to Nan a minute - she's in a rush to get off again (but subsequently isn't in a rush for Mum to get off the line; does she just not want to talk to me?!).

1:45pm - Neighbours comes on, meaning that Mum can't be disturbed no matter what. I sit there and foolishly try and engage in conversation. She's having none of it.

1:55pm - Defeated, I go upstairs and begin to tidy my bedroom, which is a complete and utter mess! Papers and documents all over the floor. 'Important' notes on film theory and other such useful university scribbles are scattered everywhere. Dirty pots. Dirtier clothes. Old DVDS. New DVDs. Lots of careful cleaning, which I don't mind doing. It's all kinda fun really - which leaves me wondering if I'm some sort of clean-aholic freak. Maybe.

2:55pm - Toilet break. I take a collection of classic Doctor Who comics with me, to read whilst I'm on the loo. Figure I might as well make use of that lost five minutes of my life somehow. So I read, and today's comic strip adventure? Part two of the Sixth Doctor adventure "Funhouse" - nice cameos by past Doctors! If I ever wrote Doctor Who, that's how I'd shoehorn the likes of Peter Davison and Tom Baker into my works.

4:03pm - I'm now at Pilsworth, Mum having driven me there. I have an appointment at work shortly, but in the mean time I check out the local ASDA. Though they haven't stocked up the TV DVD section (no use to me then!) or put any copies of the christmas Radio Times out. I desperately want that read, because apparently it has an interview with Russell T Davies who talks about the future of NuWho. The tease!

4:15pm - The nerves set in. I have a conference call at work at half past, and I've never sat in on one before. I have no idea what to do or say. I stand around in the foyer for a while talking, before I pluck up the nerves minutes before I due to be upstairs to actually go upstairs...

4:30pm-5:25pm - Conference call. I'm staff rep, and talk to staff reps from across the whole of the North West region. We discuss what we want the staff rep forum to achieve, and what its mission statement should ultimately be. Aside from that... not a lot is talked about. We need to make the forum bigger, better, stronger, yada, yada. I perk up about halfway through it, though nothing I say gets listened to anyroad.

5:26pm - Call over, I talk to Dale who is one of the managers from the Bolton site. He's covering tonight when me and the rest of the gang head on out to the staff party. He only has four staff members, however. Four. To cover a whole cinema, for five hours. Let me put that into context for you a little. Four. Yep, FOUR.

5:31pm - Begin my journey home, by walking down Croft Lane, a long and bendy hill road....

5:52pm - Finally reach the bottom of the hill, and now have to wait for the bus home.

6:02pm - Bus arrives. I board. Go home.

6: 30pm - Tomato and Basil pasta for dinner, which is a bit repetitive. I've had it three times in less than ten days. Getting a little tired of eating the same old food ALL. THE. TIME.

6:32pm - I eat my food whilst watching SJA "Enemy of the Bane" Part 2 on BBC iPlayer. I find the episode a massive letdown. Not only was there no point the Brigidier being in it, but neither was Sontaran Kaagh well suported, and the acting was terrible. Bored to tears halfway through it, seriously contemplating turning it off. It was only the presence of the Brig that kept me watching.

7:05pm - End of "The Sarah Jane Adventures" series two. A great little scene with Elisabeth Sladen's character breaking the fourth wall, even in the dialogue for that scene was a little shaky. I find myself asking what went wrong, and read online fan's opinions. They agree with me. The SJA stank this year, and I don't know why.

7:07pm - Right, okay, the staff at work are having their Christmas meal tonight, which begins at 8:30pm. I've still got to get down there, and prefferably in plenty of time. But it's now almost ten past seven, and I'm sat here on the computer still, typing away - still in my scruffy daytime clothes. Need a shave, and a wash, and to not only dress myself, but pick what I'm to wear!

7:32pm - I'm dressed at last, having to chose to wear a variant on what I wore last year. So that's a waistcoat and shirt, with tie, trousers and plimsoles. I call it my geek chic look, and would normally consider myself over dressed; but it's Christmas, and cold outside, and I want to dress up for the occassion and play to people's expectations. 'Cos I do that, a lot.

7:54pm - It's subzero outside, and I'm walking to the restaurante. It's only a mile or so away, so why not? Takes me a good twenty minutes, all the same. I get there roughly before eight, and I'm a frozen block of ice. Good to get inside and warm up!!

8:19pm - The staff are talking amongst themselves, before we get to the table. For me, this is the worst bit - standing around, and talking. Oh my God, I've never been good at that. Not one bit, because it exposes me for the confidence fraud that I really am. I pretend that talking is second nature to me, and don't stop a yapping, but I find it impossibly hard. What am I supposed to talk about here (I put a self-ban on discussing work related items)? Suddenly I find I have little in common with some of these people. To cover that up I whip out the camera and start taking pictures, because that's easy and relies on very little communication. Always resort to photography when stuck in anti-social predicaments!

8:45pm - We're seatied, with drinks and all (Long Island Ice Tea for me - a cocktail that screams "eww!" I've now learnt) when the food starts to arrive. We all had these weird cardboard-tasting nachos and too-onion-y tasting salsa dip. Potato skin and sour cream dip marked the teaser proper, and for main course I have chicken pasta something or other.

9:15pm - Break between courses. I fool around with the people sat at my table - Chris Groves, Becki Gaffney, Catherine Lee, Becky Williams and projectionist Michael Stansfield. Lots of jokes. The more drinks that arrive, the drunker I get, and the naugtier my jokes then become! All good fun, except for Cath, who I'm nigh on bullying!!

10:05pm - Pudding begins to arrive, but I'm absolutely stuff I struggle to eat it. I have a couple of spoonfuls, but can't manage anymore. I always find that curious, who no matter how appetitising something looks I still can't down it. There's a rude joke in there, somewhere.

10:35pm - Oooh, gossip!! Two staff members spontaneously burst into...kissing! (Be honest, you expected me to say "fire" them, yes?!) Well, not so much with the "spontaneous" - all night long they'd been sniffing around one another, and anybody with half a brain could see that with a couple of drinks down them the outcome of that... But, OMGolly-Gosh! What a kiss! They started off licking one another's faces, and progressed to snogging (with tongues!) in the middle of the table, infront of everybody else! Don't think they've heard the word 'discretion' before, which is kinda obvious after tonight...

11:13pm - The end of the meal approaches, as people start to go back home. I'm still a little taken aback by the kiss. The two participants say goodbye to me, but I don't know how to act around them. I'm disgusted, taken aback and only half-arsed about it all, at the same time. In the end it's just me and half a dozen folk left behind, talking amongst ourselves, and having a good time. Was a great night, and infinitely better than last year's do.

11:33pm - Journey back home, as a co-worker and his brother drop me off pretty much near home. When I get back there, I sit down and take stock of what just happened. I always do this when I return home, no matter where I've been. Gives me a chance to realise mistakes I might have made, or any instances where I put my foot in it. Also, memories stick if you're constantly thinking about them, and I'm a man built on memories.

11:57pm - Chelsea comes online, and I wrestle with the idea of talking to her. I mean, it's late and I'm ever so slightly drunk, a little bit tired, and so not in the best place for conversation. But in the end, I *do* decide to talk, and it's a fantastic chat - despite me only having met the girl roughly four or fives time!! The talk carries on well past midnight, only ending when Chelsea admits she wants sleep, for she has a driving lesson in the morning. I too, minutes later, log off and go to bed.

1:35am - Bed, at last - ready for tomorrow and the challenges that creates.
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