Tuesday, 3 February 2009

25 Random Me Things

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1: My middle name is Michael - and that comes from my parent's honouring my Grandfather, Michael Duffy. "Anthony" is my Dad's own middle name. 

2: During my 5th birthday party my Daddio thought it funny to burst in on me whilst I was taking a dump and film me using a (then) top of the range video camera, and watch me hide in embarrassment. How the footage never ended up on You've Been Framed, I dunno. Since then I've had a phobia of using a toilet that isn't 100% secure. 

3: My birthday is February 19th - meaning that on some calenders I'm Aquarius, and on others Pieces. I choose Aquarius, because the name rocks. 

4: Back in the 1930's my Nan's cousin Bill Garnon faught in the first Heavyweight Wrestling Championship. Though he came second that year, he won the next! His fighting name? Bulldog Garnon. Google him already! 

5: When I was growing up I had severe OCD. It was so bad that I had to touch things like 25 times, wash my face over and over, tap the light switch, etc. If I didn't do any of those things I was scared a member of my family would die. Which they didn't, of course. 

6: My first memory is playing in the front garden with my Mum and sister Donna, running around a circle of chairs that I'd put out on the lawn. I must have been around 3 or 4 years old - Mum used to have a photo of it on her key chain, which is the reason I maybe remember it? 

7: At one point in primary school I was head of the class - I had a brain like a sponge, always taking in whatever it was taught! Then I started to notice others over taking me (around the time of my parent's divorce) and from there on in, I don't think I bothered as much as I probably should have done accademically!! 

8: I started writing when I was about 7/8 years old. My first forms of fiction were short Doctor Who stories (which I moronically threw away a couple of years later). Before that I used to draw Batman and Power Ranger comic strips on the back of cardboard. Today I prefer scripts! 

9: During my GCSE exam period, my Appendix burst and I was rushed into hospital - and missed roughly half my exams. My predicted grades were used instead. 

10: At college I wrote for the student newspaper in the last term of my being there, with an article called "Life with Chameleons". It examined what writing meant to me. It's here on Facebook via my notes page, somewhere. 

11: My parents seperated during May 1997. Tony Blair's New Labour was just about to come to power... I remember we were staying at Nan's during election night, and I had no idea of the change that was about to occur (although I *do* remember the "Things Can Only Get Better" anthem stuck in my optimistic head for a while!) 

12: When I was little, my parent's bought Granddad a big box of cigarettes for his birthday. When they were out, Granddad asked where they had hidden them, and I told him. By the time Mum and Dad got back home, he'd smoked most of them, and I grassed him up! 

13: "Doctor Who" has always been my favourate television programme, even when it wasn't fashionable to be a fan in the 1990's. I remember watching the VHS cassettes with Dad - it was our mission when shopping to track them down! I relate to the show more than I relate to anything else - maybe it's the ideal of this one lonely figure somehow being different, but still managing to survive amid this bonkers world of our's. 

14: I grew my hair for my school's production of "Beauty and the Beast" hoping it'd help me grab the role of the Beast. I didn't get that part, but I did get the main speaking role! By the time the play came along, my hair was a mess. I asked to have it dyed grey for the part - and they used this special make-up that I couldn't remove. I had grey hair for the duration of production week. 

15: Growing up we had a dog called Sally who was half blind and deaf, but I loved her none the less. After Mum and Dad seperate, she mysteriously "escaped" (despite being blind/deaf) and the next morning I went out frantically searching for her, but never found her. To this day I think she was put down! What's sadder is that the last time I saw her I was laughing when my Dad smacked her so hard that she fell down the stairs :( 

16: The oldest possession in my bedroom is a poster from the 1996 Doctor Who movie that I'd had up on my wall (in various places) ever since. It's a shot of Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor stood outside the TARDIS, and it used to help me imagine the Eighth Doctor's character when I read a series of books based off of his adventures. 

17: I suffered from nasty eczema for a while growing up. I can still remember the smell of that horrid lotion that Mum used to rub on me in the hope of clearing it up! 

18: I have no ambitions to learn to drive. Maybe it's a lack of confidence in my ability, or laziness, or maybe I don't want to rely on a car for transport, I dunno. When the day comes that I wake and *do* want to learn, then and only then will I put myself through that ordeal! 

19: Back at college one of my student films won the "Best Experimental Film" category. I never imagined that'd be possible as one of the scenes subtly mentions that the protagonist wanks inside the college toilets... Don't ask, okay? 

20: I've attended cubs and scouts, and also - strangely - something called "Otters" which is an unofficial little brother to the Beavers, I believe. I've never heard of anywhere else save my local church that runs the Otter programme. Infact, this branch was so poor that we didn't have badges, because they couldn't afford any. Instead, we managed with pieces of carpet! 

21: A gross habit I know, but I pick my nose an awful lot... 

22: I love egg mayo sandwiches. 

23: My locker at work contains a piece of film print that the projector burnt, a drawn characterature of myself, lots of Doctor Who magnets, cans of food, bottles of water, Lynx sprays, writing pads and lots of pens. Oh, and a magic 8 ball, too. 

24: Once kicked off with a bouncer outside of Sol, in Bury. He refused to let me in because I had no driver's license or passport - and I commented that some folk, shock horror!, maybe can't drive or have a valid passport. He just sniggered, so me and Anthony Caine reverted to name calling. We didn't touch the guy, so he had no validation to touch us back! Was fun winding him up!! 

25: I've been drunk at work precisely once - during which time I was jumping up and down on seats and calling members of staff bitches, and telling others what I really thought of them! Haha, got home and thought - "Oh, crap!" 

And with that, I bid thee farewell!
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