Wednesday, 4 February 2009

February 4th, 2009

It goes like this: I have this intention to write and then produce a short film called The Other. The film is a follow-on from a piece I made at college back in 2007 - titled Self - that featured a teenage writer by the name of Horatio Maguire, struggling to put together a script and, as a result, beginning to question his abilities as a writer. As he comments, if writing is his identity and he fails to be a good writer, then just what can he claim to be?

The Other moves events in Horatio's life on a couple of years, and he's now stuck in at university and well on the course to be a successful writer - but just because he no longer questions his ability doesn't mean he's entirely ready to face the writing world just yet. First things first, he's got to find himself a voice, something that sets him apart from the thousands of others who aspire to do what he does, and make a living creating characters and new worlds.

What Horatio needs is a little experience, that'll either make or break him; but where would one find such experience, or more aptly, from whom...
Or rather, that's how it should go.
Ideas for The Other have been coming to me for a while now - ever since a nasty break up I once lived through, and in particular the death of a friend of mine Roger Manthorpe. I've known the basics of the piece since around this time last year, and yet I'm no nearer completion of the script, never mind anything else! Everytime I know I should really make a start, I chose not to, and instead waste my time in whatever way imaginabe. Why I do this, I do not know - but it's a damned shame I do do it, because this project is crying out for me, in a feeling I have in my gut, for me to make it.

So here I am, February 2009, detirmined to write and produce The Other, but weary after several previous attempts on my behalf haven't really lifted of. In my mind, this film lives; it's just a matter of translation my desire to see the project through onto paper, and actually moving forward, and not just standing still with it! Hopefully this lil' blog of mine - that sometimes won't be updated for weeks on end - will give me enough encouragement to see it through. Who knows?

Guess I'll see you on the other end (no pun intended, honest!) whether that means that The Other never ever lifts of, or whether that means that on the very last blog post here I hold in my hands a completed film ready to dazzle the world with it.

The journey begins.
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