Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The February Update

Quite purposely I haven't updated this page for a while, because quite honestly I'm been fighting this nagging feeling... a voice inside of me that says I might have run out of worthwhile things to say. I know, I know that's just me being overtly paranoid, but it's true... in part. I have burnt out on this blog, and as much as I enjoy writing it, it means that my posts suffer.

So I'm taking a holiday from it; only to return for the foreseeable future to write the odd post, like this, to update you on where I am in life, before my big dramatic - full time! - return later in the year bigger and better than ever before!!


The February Update

2009. Already?!

Whoa! That means I'm twenty years old... no longer a teenager, which still feels slightly weird to say out loud. Though I've never really been that arsed about birthdays, I still found the time to celebrate, by going out with the family and trying, out so desperately!, to enjoy myself. We ate a little too much at Chiquitos, watched Disney's Bolt, and then I got my ass whooped at bowling. Oh dear.

20 years old, and I can't bowl for shit!

Since the start of the year I've been on this healthy eating campaign. Last year I noticed myself eating more and more food, and most of it junk, so it'll come as no surprise that I put on quite a bit of weight. I promised myself that come 2009 that'd stop, and I'd play nice again, and stop with the junk. And so far, so good! Haven't touched any junk food since December, and because of it have lost a stone in weight. My clothes that were once loose on me, then suddenly no longer fit, are now loose again. Rejoice!

But it's more than that. I feel sooooo much better in myself through the healthy eating. I have more energy, and - this is a little strangely worded, so bare with me! - I can think more, as if the synapsis have been polished down; no longer polluted by dirty junk food and fizzy pop.

It's lead me to remount the proposed short film, "The Other" and I've made enough progress that I've felt confident enough to launch a production diary, to keep myself and others up to speed on the progress being made.

On another note, I've bid farewell to the Torchwood.tv blog that I've been writing since 2006. (Well, technically I'm still a staff writing until after Torchwood's third series has run its course.) I just felt that I'd contributed everything I could to the site, and had nothing new to offer. I've never been the biggest Torchwood fan, so it doesn't quite make sense for me to remain there, when other much bigger Torchwood fans can have the opportunity to play around with the blog.

Still, it feels strangely emotional to say goodbye. Honestly, I've had a blast writing the site, and knowing that up to a thousand people were reading every day was a good incentive, also! Shall be quite bizarre after I've left to read Torchwood news, and knowing that I no longer have to report it!

Elsewhere, and I'm whizzing through my DVDs! So far this year I've concluded watching the Seinfeld series, its Curb Your Enthuiasm cousin, Paul Abbot's State of Play and three whole series of The Wire - a series so fantastic I scream out at you to get the complete DVD boxset. Or LoveFilm it. Whatever. David Simon has created such a layered universe here - characters that exist, and stories that bleed through into reality - that it shouldn't be ignored.

Honestly, after watching the show my own writing has been so informed, and is so much more alive. It's a lesson in storytelling and execution like no other.

The Wire. Go buy it. Go watch it. Don't ignore it.

And that's it from me for now. Just a quick update to let you know that I'm still alive (hello!) and happy to post. I'll be back soon enough, don't fret! Till then, enjoy the Spring and I'll be seeing you!
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