Sunday, 26 July 2009

Home Alone

My family have gone on holiday, so over the course of the next seven days I have the house to myself. Now, I've known they'd be going away for many months now, but nothing prepared me for when the moment actually came. I just sat there, having come home late from work, in the middle of an empty house, completely alone. Worst thing is, I felt it - the lonliness, that is.

I can't express just how much I missed them all that first night, and how scarily adult I felt, through having to look after myself all by myself. That included making my own food, washing the dishes, and sorting my clothes out so that that they were a) cleaned, and b) not shrunk/dyed/destroyed in the wash.

All day I've just been sat around the house wanting to find something to do. In the end I just settled on moving the PS3 downstairs and watching a number of DVDs (recently made a start on series one of The West Wing, actually). On top of that, I made a fuss of the dog. Was a little upset yesterday, at myself mostly, because she spent the whole day locked away while I was at work and later visiting my Dad's. I came back home, and she was literally crying for attention. Like to think I made up for it today by giving it to her.

Of course, she's my only company at the moment too, so we're sharing that experience - relying on one another to forfill our attention-seeking count. Wonder if the two of us will be sick of the sight of one another by the end of the week, or if we'd have grown so close she really will be my man's-best-friend.

Night's coming in now, and I might settle down tom watch a movie downstairs. Dunno what yet, mind. Something funny - I'm in the mood for laughs. Before all that, mind, I just wanted to write this little diary, as confirmation almost that after six months away, I'm back to regular blogging, ready to share my experiences and recollections. Might not have the company of family over the course of the next week, but for now, this silly old blog, it'll do.
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