Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Spam Sandwiches

Went to visit my Nan yesterday, and it marked the first time I left the house in two days. My family are away on holiday, and funnily enough work had given me a handful of days off. It was great to get out the house, and even better to visit her, my Nan.

I got there mid-afternoon, and helped her clean her house. It's a shame, but through problems resulting from a broken hip her quality of life has really dipped these last few years. Muck all over the floor and bits/bobs all around, it was all I could do to help her by clearing it all away. Afterwards she offered me ten pounds for the service, but I turned it down. Of course I did! I helped her not for money, but for love. It breaks my heart, honest it does, to see her living in such poverty like that.

(In the end I did take a payment of a sort - she made me spam sandwiches. For years I've been turning her spam sandwiches down, and yesterday she finally got me to have a couple, and you know what? They were pretty damn good!)

Today I got out again, as I was on an open at work. That's pretty unusual, as they usual confine me to the evening closes, so to be there at 8am (not 8pm) was a real shock to the system!

Aside from that, not really been up to much else. Had a Korma curry for dinner. Willow (my dog) ate the chicken pieces - they were a bit too rubbery for my liking. Might do her some good, as she's not been eating since the family went away. Save for a third of a piece of meat on Sunday night, it was the first food she's eaten since then.

Has been a cause to watch DVDs. Finally finished off the Mr. Bean collection today, with an episode I remember vividly from my childhood. You know the one, where Bean's car gets crushed by a tank. Oh! The memories came flooding back...

Also watching season 2 of The L Word, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (never finished it off when I started it two summer's ago) and I've watched up to episode 6 of The West Wing, year one.

Night night.
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