Monday, 24 August 2009

Bit of Alright

Honestly, it wasn't my intention to leave such a long gap between posts. What can I say? The usual, perhaps, that I've been busy doing other stuff and that everyday life just got in the way. You know, these last couple of weeks I've started writing again - dusting off several abandoned projects, and once more picking up my pen to them. It's been fun, and kind of rewarding.

Hopefully tonight I'll get round to starting another issue of my comic, Darkened Avenue. The last time I wrote anything for the series, it was 2007. I hadn't started my job at the cinema, I was still dating my ex, and - well - it was 2007, okay. 2 years ago! Rihanna had her Umbrella, Lily Allen had her Alfie and that Just Jack fella... well, he became a one hit wonder, didn't he?

Have been spending a lot of time drinking these past few weeks, too. Hmmm... connection? Met up with an old high school/college friend of mine, Phil Wooller, for the first time since... would you believe it, 2007... last Wednesday night. T'was quite surreal, because we carried on pretty much from where we left off two years ago, continuing conversations we started back then. He mentioned one of my ex's, Katie O'Donnell. Very strange; I haven't talked to anybody about Katie in a long, LONG time now. Funny how you move with the times, isn't it?

Yet, there's some things you just never seem destined to let go off. I've been muting a short film called The Other for well over 18 months now, and I'm still no closer to actually writing the blasted thing. Of course, one advantage to leaving it brew in my mind for that length of time is that it has developed by itself, and the idea's matured and become something else entirely - so when I actually do settled down and put pen to paper, it will be a million lightyears away from that initial idea I had back in Summer... 2007.

I'm off to write some more, Hopefully it won't be another month until you hear from me again...
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