Sunday, 30 August 2009

The Saturday/Sunday Life

Have had quite a busy bank holiday weekend, and it's been a lot of fun too. Met up with Nabu San yesterday, who contributes to The Sarah Jane Adventures blog I run. We were at the Trafford Centre, where a huge event was being run to promote all sorts of CBBC shows (including the SJA). There, I met Edward Russell, who works behind the scenes at BBC Wales, overlooking all of Doctor Who related events.

Me and Edward go way back - you see, he first emailed me in 2006 to ask me to remove some spoilers on that I'd put up, relating to the ending of the first season's opening episode. I felt his email was a little rude and condenscending, and emailed back telling him this. He didn't take it well; plus, I refused to take the moaned about spoilers down. Can safely say, after that we were never destined to be BFFs.

When I saw him yesterday, he had no idea who I was of course, but he heard me and Nabu talking about the story, and I think he put two and two together. After that... well, we didn't really talk all that much!

Still, it got me extremely jealous, because the guy has a pretty cool job, and I'd love to be doing something like that. I dream of the day that I can organise an event for the masses, and actually do something, you know? When I'm running Doctor Who in 2035, you just wait and see all the crazy events I'll have planned out!!

Getting home from the Trafford Centre wasn't easy. Not only was there a footie match on (Manchester United vs. Arsenal) - but preperations were ongoing for the evening's Gay Pride parade. Plus, the metrolink broke down at Victoria Station, so I was a full hour late for work. Still, my managers didn't care - 'cos business was dead, and me arriving late saved an hour of payroll that would have just been wasted anyways.

Talked to a girl at work called Vicky, and tried to give her some advice. She's done some stuff recently that's been completely unacceptable, and so she's lost quite a few friends there at work. Also, her attitude to the job has slipped, and if she's not careful the managers will take any opportunity they have to sack her. I told her this, that her day's are more or less numbered, and tried to open her eyes to what's going on. She's a nice enough girl, but this chapter of her life is coming to an end, and she needs to move on - otherwise they (the managers) will find that excuse, and she will be sacked, and then what? I'd rather see her leave on her own terms than have that happen to her. No idea if what I said got through to her, mind.

Only finished work at about 2:30am, and coupled with the fact I had to be up early to get to the Trafford Centre (so didn't get any sleep the night before) I slept in until around 3pm today. So I've not really done anything, and have wasted my Sunday! Aside from watching a couple of episodes of The Sopranos (season 2, episodes 6&7) and the Quentin Tarrantino flick Dusk Till Dawn, that is. Could have really done with making a start on these Blaze scripts. Hmmm... will have to wait until tomorrow now. Can I - successfully! - manage to write 10 scripts before the end of September?! Guess I'll find out...

Anyhoo, last day of August tomorrow. Whoa! Time flies. My three month exile from Facebook ends in just 24 hours. Will be weird to get back on there, and see what everybody has been up to. Can't wait! Ooh, plus, my sisters are back at school. Yes, ha! Bring on the new week!!
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