Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Bed Beckons

It's fast approaching 4am, and I don't know what I'm still doing up. No honest, I don't. September 1st is my Mum's birthday (every year, don't cha know) and really I should be getting some shut eye ahead of the celebrations. Instead, I'm uploading photos onto Facebook, and trying to stalk ex-girlfriends and their sisters on there. Alas, they've all blocked me, which makes the mission even harder to complete...

Feels weird being back on the Book of Face after so long. Haven't been on it since May 31st - three whole months ago now. Told myself to stay off it, because I was getting to that creepy stage of Facebook stalking folk, and it wasn't healthy at all. No siree. Did me no good looking at pictures of Katie O'Donnell, looking all sexy and single, or even Clare Kelly with her new boyfriend in tow. No good, whatsoever. As you can problem tell.

It's still annoying I suppose seeing pictures of ex-girlfriends. Even though I have no idea what's going through my mind, they at least look happy - and that bothers me. Not because I don't want them to be - of course I do! - but I gotta question why I'm not like that; happy, or at least a little content, with the life I'm living right now.


I've got about five or six ideas jotted down for some short direct-to-camera monologues that I could act out (once I've gotten round to buying a camera that is!). I think the first one I'll tackle will be Mona Lisa, Smile Please - a piece about a guy my age, who is addicted to pornography. It has several ties with Deborah, another project I have on the go, so the two should compliment one another quite well.

Might have a bash at writing another issue of the Assassin comic this week. I'm up to Volume Three, Chapter Four out of eight. Think it's about time I made a move on the last four issues, don't you? T'was 2006 when I started writing them...

Well well. It's 4:06am. Might I be ready for bed now I wonder?

Should I give it a go?

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