Thursday, 3 September 2009

Drunk & (Surprisingly) Orderly

Met up with old college friends Phil Wooller and Jonathan Carney tonight. It's been nigh on two years we left college, nigh on a year since I last saw Jonny and... well, nigh on two weeks since me and Phil last met up. All in all, it was a good night - even if Phil left early, citing that he had no money to spend (and if he thought he could scrounge off me and Jonny, he had another thing coming!).

Originally based in Manchester's Varsity club, we moved into Bury once Phil departed back home. To be perfectly frank I quite enjoyed the opportunity to talk to Jonathan one-on-one. Of everybody I knew from way back when, he's the one who has changed the most. You see, he used to be this awkward geeky teen, and now he's an accomplished, cool guy. Talking to him feels like a real privilege; maybe because I'm aware I'm no longer talking to an adolesent, but a matured man? Whatever, it's great chatting to him.

We talked about all sorts of things, but most of the night's chat centred around the opposite sex. Listen, for years I doubted Jonny and mocked both his orientation and approach to sex, but this guy is a pot of knowledge. No joke! He understands some... issues that I have better than anybody else does, mostly because he's either had dealt with them himself, or is currently dealing with them.

He's also a big drinker. It's funny, but the three of us - myself, Phil and Jonny - never used to be this bad, but in our 'old age' we seem to have become major fans of the drink. Quick! Somebody dial 999, and order us three new Livers to go.

Oh man, can't exress how good it was talking to Jonathan tonight. Felt like old times again, it did. It was 2006 again, and we were at Holy Cross College together, on our lunch break walking into Bury town centre. On the way there, we've have chats about our lives, and what we thought about each other's! I miss that, mostly because I'm not that intimate with anybody like that at university. Like I said to Jonny tonight, when I lef college, and them, I left behind two friendships that I didn't realise I valued so much until they were gone.

I'm supposed to be meeting up with Jonny again soon, maybe even going down to Liverpool with him (where he's studying Accounting at Uni). Should be fun; I can't wait! Honest to God, it's great just to have that friendship back in my life again.

Anyhoo, need sleep now. Was locked out the house before. Always fun.

Fingers crossed, no handover tomorrow!!
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