Friday, 25 September 2009

Guess Who's a-Knocking at the Door

Mum sat me down this morning and gave me a good talking to. Not that I'd done anything wrong; oh no, I've been a good boy. It's just... well, something happened last night at my house and Mum saw fit to warn me, and I suppose she wants me to do something to prevent it happening again.

The incident was recited to me by her, just like this:

My sister Sarah is sat downstairs in the living room, probably on the laptop or watching BBC Three's endless Family Guy repeats. She hears a strange knocking, and realises where it's coming from - the window. Opening the blinds she finds a strange guy staring in... watching her.

Panicked, Sarah rushes upstairs to tell step-dad Dave. He trundles downstairs, opens the front door, probably not expecting to find anything... the guy having vamooshkad, but actually - HE'S STILL THERE!

Dave asks him what he's doing, and the man says he just wants a light.

Dave tells him to bugger off, and he does.

Freaky, huh? What's freakier is the exact same thing happened to me about a year or two again - and now I find myself asking, is it just coincidence, or had the man expected to find the house empty, both times?



This time next year I'll have finished university for good, and that marks the end of my full time education. Hoorah! Of course, that means I've got to go out and do it on my own from that point onwards, with no student status to fall back on, or rely upon.

Over the next year I have to look out for, and grab, anything that comes my way that can help further my goals - to be a television writer - or help to develop me as a person, as well as the skills I have.

There's several 'things' coming my way that could, in varying degrees, help me along the road of life (& career). One of them, to use an example, would be the radio series I'm writing for Bolton FM. It's why it is so important to get it up and running now, because it'll be a majour coup if I can see it through to the end successfully. Not just for my career, but for me as a writer.

Think this phrase defines the next year of my life, and everything thereafter:

Opportunity knocks.

In whatever way, shape or form it takes, I'll be ready to embrace it.
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