Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Life's a Pitch

Had the oportunity to pitch to people from the BBC today, I did. Even went down to BBC HQ on Oxford St. Manchester and everything. It was an event organised by university, where we were all required to make a 2 minute pitch, trying to sell a piece of programming for the corporation to make & produce, via their religion and ethics department, to air on BBC Radio One.

Honestly, we were all bags of nerves going up there - espeically considering we knew that one lucky person making a pitch would be rewarded with a 4 week work placement there at the BBC. How exciting, huh?

Naturally I was almost-last (like I am most of the time...) and so I had to sit through an entire series of pitches before my chance came up. Let me tell you and all, there was some pretty good pitches made - so coming after all of them, my chances didn't look good!

Hmmm... think it went alright in the end, I suppose. I was - apparently - very confident up there, which is nice to hear, but I can't help but wonder if my pitch was lacking in some ways. Don't think I gave a clear enough picture of my intentions. For that reason, I'm guessing they won't pick me; but, oh! How I'd love them too.

Still, I got to visit BBC HQ, and even got an official visitor's pass and everything - how cool is that? Lessons have been learnt, also. Next time I'll try and slow down when talking, and try to put every single piece of relevant information across. I also need to sit down before it and plan it all out; what I'm going to say/do - because, as I've learnt today, you can't just wing it on the day.


Talked to Paula MacDonald, my script editor on the Blaze project, about where I'm up to with the scripts. I explained that my passion had somewhat diminsihed by the end of June, so I needed to take summer off to rechage my batteries. That meant no script were complete; but she understood. It had to be done - for the sake of not only my sanity, but for the entire project. I just needed time away in order to miss these guys and their world.

We're meeting tomorrow to discuss the series, and how we move forward from here, in more depth. Fingers crossed!


Fun times! Visited my old high school tonight, as I was taking my sister around on Open Evening. Not been back there in almost 4 years. Man, how things have changed! They're got rid of Bracewell Hall! Shocker!! The old cabins have been knocked down! Bigger shocker!! Mr. Newman - he of spot fame - is still there. Massive shocker!! He was there when my mum was there, for Pete's sake!!

Was good seeing old faces again - Miss Pickavance, Mr. Higson, Mrs. Bryant, Mr. Wilkes and especially Mr. Barlow. Great fun!


Happy celebrations to my Mum and her husband Dave, who've been married 8 years today.

Here's to a merry future you'll share together!
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