Monday, 21 September 2009

Welcome Back Class, Did You Have a Good Summer?

When the summer hits, I sit down and write a list of the things I want to accomplish before the season ends. Usually most items on that checklist go unticked, and this year ain't no different.

This year uni classes ended around the beginning of June (although I stayed behind an extra month to commit to The Blaze radio series), which is what... 10+ weeks ago now. I told myself I'd write the ten scripts required for The Blaze. So far I have one pilot episode (that we've already agreed won't be used) and half of another episode, that is nowhere near the quality it needs to be. So my team are going to be mighty pissed that I've let them, and the project, down.

I also intended to write two short films - Deborah and Gentle Flick of the Hair - both of which are still only at the early planning stages. On top of those, I'm supposed to have secured a work placement agreement (have I? No.) and my lecturer Justin is gonna slaughter me when he finds out that I have no agreement, and therefore no work placement.

You might be asking what have I done with my summer? Not a lot, really. I've been doing a lot of shifts at the cinema, but aside from that I've mostly just been sat around on my fat arse trolling through internet pages. You know, the usual bum's excuse - time wasting.

Now I'm gonna have to face the music, and will have to endure a tricky few weeks back at uni as I try and catch up with everybody that HAVE been working away, hard. It's my own fault, of course. Can't blame anybody else.

Don't know why I do it, year in year out. Could accomplish so much with the 12 weeks I have off annually. Instead... they go wasted. Worse still, I get depressed knowing what I could have been up to, and realising the giant potential that's been thrown away by me.

Not good.


Yep, it's back to uni tomorrow. Don't quite know how I feel. Mix of emotions, I guess. Relief that's it's the last time. Anticipation through seeing old faces again. Fear knowing that I've a lot of work to do. Happy at getting back to work on The Blaze and other projects. Daunted that it might all go wrong. Sad that it's almost over. Proud to be third year. In dread because it's Bolton I'm returning to. A lot of dread! Complete mix of feelings, I'm telling you.


My Blu-Ray copy of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse finally arrived from the USA. Had to pay £13.77 import duty; no fair! So far I've rewatched the first episode, and after being overtly critical of it in February when it originally aired, you know what? It ain't half bad really! Shall try and watch the remaining 12 episodes before series 2 starts this Friday night.

Also, Curb Your Enthusiasm is back after a 2 year hiatus. Love that show! I feel like a bit of a Larry David at times - though I doubt I'd do what he does to new girlfriend (and cancer sufferer) Loretta Black in the opening episode...

Nasty Larry, nasty!
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