Thursday, 17 September 2009

Well That Brought a Smile To My face!

I'm in an unusual mood, and have been all day. Boy, it's no wonder - today's been a good day. Lots of things have happened in the space of these last 24 hours, and it's left me... happy. Genuinely happy - no put on happy like I pretend to be with most people, most of the time. Like I said then, quite an unusual state of mind I find myself in.

Want me to let you in on a secret? Go on... bit of fun, I'll tell you why I'm so happy. Or at least, I'll try, because the more I think about it, the pyschology of it all is quite complicated - but it comes down to one basic thing:

Revisiting the past.

I'll start at the beginning, huh?

For the last week or so I've been monitoring a number of eBay items up for sale. They were a lot of Doctor Who books that I needed to complete my collection (the run of Eighth Doctor novels published between 1997-2005 fact fans). Yesterday I won two of the books, meaning I only had another 2 to go today. Well... I did it!

Yes, that's right (and kinda sad): after nine years, my collection is complete! I now own all of the series. Hmm, didn't think I'd make it for a while there, what with the books being out and print and all. But eBay proved my savour, and now, after a 3/4 years gap between buying titles in the series, I've done it! Sense of accomplishment!! Woooo!!

To celebrate the feat, I started reading one of the books in the series - the next in sequence from where I left off back in 2006 (for it's been that long). The book in question? Coldheart by Trevor Baxendale. It's alright so far, almost 35 pages in. But it doesn't matter; because I'm back reading a series of novels that I literally grew up on between the Doctor Who TV Movie and the start of the revival back in 2005. Loved them to bits back then, and it feels very peculiar to return to that earlier point and resume from where I left off - almost as if I get to revert to the younger model of myself, who had so much more fun and was infinitely happier.

All this made me happy, but what brought a real smile to my face was what happened at work tonight. Went in expecting an average night - Orange Wednesday no less - and it turned into something... more.

I know, I know I hate to mention her name on these pages, but it's excusable this time - for my ex-girlfriend Katie O'Donnell came in to watch a film! Yes, admitedly she didn't come over and say hello, or do anything of the sort, but it was just great to see her. Now don't get me wrong, I've moved on - but for the 2 hours she was there, it was like I'd regressed back again to a point in my life where I was secure in my mind that she was around.

A couple of years ago I wrote how I hated the fact that her twin sister Joanne was visiting my work to watch a film (I Am Legend, if I recall correctly). I take it all back. I'm not angry or at all pissed that she visited work. Hell, she probably just assumed that I'd left - it's been that long since we split. Either that, or after 2 and a half years she's finally forgiven me for what went down during the break-up.

Evidence to support this? Well, the fact that she didn't just turn around and leave when she saw me there. That, plus after the film finished she stood near to one or the tills, even when I was mere metres away. If she was that pissed at me and wanting nothing more to do with me, surely she'd have just upped and left? Not stayed around an extra couple of minutes, right near to where I was stood?

One of my co-workers, Raz, reckons that she *might* have possibly been waiting for me to say hello to her, or make the first move towards doing that. Obviously I didn't, because I didn't feel it was my place to, but he might be onto something. Then again, he might be completely wrong, and she might have hated me trying to talk to her. Guess we'll never know, seeing as though I let the moment pass - she left with her sister and friends, presumably heading back home.

Did I do the right thing, keeping my distance? You tell me. Part of me regrests doing nothing, but another part of me thinks it was for the best. Saying that, I couldn't have soured relations between us anymore if I had tried speaking to her, could I? Guess we'll never know.

So there we are; my day. Been a pretty good one, and one that I was so thankful for waking up to. There's not been many days recently I can say that about.

More like it, please!
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