Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Actually... I Don't Have Time For This

Oh, my life is busy right now. But you knew that already, didn't you? What I should be saying is it just got a whole lot busier...

Let me start at the beginning.

At the start of the year I made a pitch to a local radio station - Bolton FM - for a 10 minute soap, and devised a show called The Blaze which is set in and around Bolton University, specifically its make-believe Student Newspaper offices. To my complete surprise... the guys from the station bought into the idea, and I was commissioned to make the show.

I gathered together a team of fellow students, and set out to make roughly 10 episodes. But that's the point it all went wrong... and people were dropping out left, right and centre. So what happened was, we reached the end of the May 2009 semester and had nothing made... but Bolton FM were expecting something from us.

Oh dear...

We came back after the summer break, and I've been attempting to put the series back on track. I'm reworking the pilot script, and shuffling around members of the production team into different positions. I'm hoping to get a new group of people on board, too, to help make the series - with the aim that it'll be ready to record in the new year, to transmit from Easter 2010.

Now, there's a whole lot of work to do before then and now. I have to write the scripts, and cast those vital character roles - which means auditions, and auditions and, yep, more auditions. Fun.

Then on top of that, there's the actual production to worry about. Now, I have a writer's head, but not a technical one. I'm not the best person around the radio equipment, so it means that I have to find somebody I trust to make these episodes with me... and that's gonna take time; as much time as the casting process, I should imagine.

What makes it a harder task is trying to fit it around my other university commitments. I'm expected to do so much, in so little time, and hope that none of it suffers.

Today I made matters worse by volunteering for two new projects:

1: The end of year student show. Yes, I'm going to be part of the team that helps to put the student showreel together; and we only have 8 weeks planning time. That's when the university expects to hear from us, and begin to bring it all together. Ooh, the pressure! My initial suggestion today was a Monty Python-esque take on things - "And Now For Something Completely Different" I quipped. Hmm, actually I do sorta like it.

2: Northern Film Conference. Run by the BBC, they want a team of students to make a film that represents life in the North. One idea that immediately strikes me is something I thought up on the bus ride home, Northern Soup. It'd be an animated piece hand-drawn by us all, that throws all the typical Northern stereotypes at its protagonist. Literally. Then at the end, he's put in a blender and mixed around with the stereotypes, and he comes out a fully fledged Northerner.

I moan and bitch, but actually I like being this busy. Makes me feel as though I'm doing something important and worthwhile with my time! Normally I just doss around and waste any spare time I have by scrolling across websites ot useless internet blogs-

Er, hang on...


Might have tickets to go see a new Justin Lee Collins show called Heads or Tails being recorded next week in Manchester. Woo! Now, who should I take with me... ;)


I can exclusively reveal that the 2nd draft script of The Blaze contains the sentence "Toby, how's pages 6&7 looking? Of course, you don't know. You're too busy flirting with my cartoonist..."

Naughty Toby.

Roz has spoken...
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