Thursday, 1 October 2009

Busy Busy October Time

Man, I can't believe it's October already. Where's the hell has the year gone? One minute it's January 1st and I'm starting my bet to give up chocolate and other such crappy food/drink, worrying about how hard Easter will be... then it's Easter... then summer hits... then... then...


Busy month ahead.

1: Scripts and other projects.

A: I'm still very much commited to The Blaze radio soap project. Infact I'm writing episode one right now. It's the third or fourth draft, and a few details have changed, but it's still the same basic idea that I had at the beginning of the year. The current plan is to write the pilot, and cast the role around that, and maybe start recording after Christmas for an Easter 2010 launch.

B: I've also got to develop a treatment for a full length feature film in my Screenwriting class at uni. It's part of my dissertation, so I'm going to work flat out to make it the best possible idea I can. So far all I know is that it'll involve an ice cream man, who's also a part time drag artist, who's implicated in the rape and murder of a 15 year old boy. So it sounds like a barrel of laughs, huh?

C: On top of that, I'm still working on the Deborah script - a short film, that's deals with the idea of romance... as seen through the eyes of somebody wo is addicted to pornography.

D: Oh, and if that wasn't enough I'm in the initial stages of writing a one hour radio drama with a friend of mine called Paula, which we hope to have on the air at Christmas.

Man, looks like I'm going to be writing, writing, writing this month!

2: Go Kart Racing, etc.

E: Next Monday is the latest 'staff event' at work, to a Go Kart Race track in Warrington, which I've been organising over the past few months. Feels more like years. Honestly, the planning that has to go into a trip out is unbelievable; just making sure you have the right numbers to go, and that everybody has paid, and that they're guarenteed the night off, etc. It's exhausting! Normally I'd say "Still, as long as I win on the night..." - but this is Go Kart Racing. Like the bowling and Laser Quest challenges before it, I stand no chance. Seriously, none!

Should be a great night out though!!

F: Have to start planning November's event, too. It's a scavenger hunt, and it'll be taking place on Monday 2nd November - so not all that long from now. Lots of work to do if I'm to make it happen between now and then...

3: University

Lectures start proper next Tuesday. I'm doing:

G: A Work Based Learning module this semester, which means I have to find a work placement with some industry officials for a minimum of two whole weeks, and ASAP. Hopefully I'll get the 4 weeks with the BBC, and everything will be sorted (by that, I won't have to ring up numerous agencies asking them to take me on!). That's along with...

H: The aforementioned Screenwriting class.


I: A Writing for Radio circuit. By the end of the month I'm expected to have pitched a radio drama infront of the class, and start to write a draft script for it.

I'm happy to have finally dropped the theory side of things! I'm focusing more than ever on the scriptwriting now, which, after all, is the best thing for an aspiring writer! :P

4: The Sarah Jane Adventures

Yep. It's back. With added David Tennant! Can't wait.

It does mean a lot of hard work with regards to the SJA fansite I run, mind. So:

J: - have to keep it relevant and up to date.

5: Other stuff

That's not to mention:

K: Work commitments - usually Thursday/Friday and Saturday nights.

L: My Dad's birthday, and all the celebrations surrounding it.

M: Potential school reunion for all of the folk who attended my primary school, and who left nigh on a decade ago. Haven't seen many of them in a LONG time, so it'll be interesting to catch up.

N: Make a pitch to work for the BBC on this year's Children in Need. Has to be done ASAP. Involves making a video message, telling them why I'm the man for the job. Imagine.

As the days go on, and the month drags on, expect more items to be added to that list!

Expect I'll be exhausted by the end of it all. From the sounds of it, the one thing I won't be getting to do this month is:

ZZZZzzzzzz: Sleep.
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