Thursday, 29 October 2009


You know, I've been writing this blog since 2006 (back when it was still Timespotters... oh, those were the days!) and I still have no idea what I'm doing. No, seriously!

Almost four years on, and I've no idea what this is all for. Is it a social commentary on the world, as seen through the eyes of me? Or is it a diary of my day-to-day life? Can it be a stream of conscious thought? Or is it merely a manipulation of my emotions; a staged writing that feeds into what you, the reader, want to see from me?

Honest, I don't know.

I guess it's the reason why this blog is so bi-polar in approach - mind-boggingly funny one minute, heartbreakingly sad the next, and finally in uproar with anger. It's because I don't know what I'm trying to say, and that results in me trying on every different style of writing, hoping that one fits.

Still, four years later that's not really getting me far! I'm supposed to have adjusted now, and settled into proceedings. That I haven't is probably the main failing of all this. Yes, I'm writing it on a regular basis, and yes people are reading - but what?

I had this same problem with another blog, too. For so long it lived in the shadow on the site it span-out of, - but that was dedicated to the adult side of the Doctor Who universe, and Sarah Jane was the complete opposite, for kids. I tried and tried to pitch it as a kid's blog, and it just wasn't working. I tried to make it adult like, and that was... a big mess. Nobody liked it. In the end, I stuck with it, and the site found its own feet - as a fansite, by fans and for fans (no matter how geeky!). It became a great service to those reading up - mostly because it wasn't playing up to what it wasn't anymore, but embracing what it was.

So --- what are these random blog posts on mine?

That's the problem. I don't know.

Let's agree to a manifest right here and now, hey? I'm going to list qualities that I would like to see in a site - and make a promise that these qualities I'll bring onto this blog. Ok?

1: Honesty. Always be honest about whatever, or whoever, you're talking about.
2: Be experimental. Try new things. Always fun.
3: Snappy writing. Yeah, it's great! And again, always fun.
4: Be fun. Always. Kinda a reaccuring theme here, hey?
5: Ask questions, even if you have no idea of the answer.
6: Don't always feel the need to answer questions posed. Be a bit of an enigma!
7: Pictures. They're pretty.
8: Be subtle! Not all writings demonstrate immediately obvious morals.
9: Be accurate. Dont mispell words ot grammer ;)
10: Stop using emoticons - see point 8 about reasons why.
11: Understand that once it's 'out-there' the reader owns the text, not you.
12: Stop caring about reactions. It is what it is.
13: Regular updates. But... ouch, my fingers. Oh, the typing!!

Brain can't think of anything else. Hmm... there must be more?!

Anyhoo, I promise to follow those 13 rules of blogging from this day forward, forever and ever, cross my heart and hope to--

I'm feeling pumped up already, like I've freed myself up in some way. Perhaps that's all I needed, a wee bit of redirection? Yes?

That sorted, I should be off to bed. Busy day ahead of me tomorrow. I've a three page movie synopsis to write and hand in, and then I'm off to watch a play at the Bolton Octagon. It's Ibsen's Ghosts. I've no idea what it's about really, I just pretend I do because it's Ibsen and his name sounds important... and besides, I've heard other important people discuss him in the past, so there. Ibsen=good and I can't ever question it.

Night night.
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