Sunday, 11 October 2009

The Great Weekender

Phew! This is probably the first five minutes I've had on the computer all weekend... well, since the last time I wrote one of these on Friday, I should imagine. That's because I've been continuing a recent trend, and by that I mean I've been busy, busy, busy!

Like I wrote, Friday was my Dad's 46th birthday (is it bad that I had to go and check to confirm before I wrote that?!) and to celebrate we had a family meal at TGI Fridays and afterwards... the real fun started! ;) Well, we all went to a casino in Manchester and:

A) Got smashed.

B) Won some money.

c) Then lost it all again.

Ooh, and along the way I met a rather insane young man who was the spitting image of Questin Tarrantino. No, seriously! It was freaky how much they were alike, even in the way that he spoke. Like Quentin, he had crazy eyes - so when he was shouting "motherfucker!" I felt it, you know? Wouldn't surprise me to find out he's an escaped convict from Strangeways...

Saturday came around quite fast, and I spent it with Dad again. We went into my work and watched the new zom-edy, Zombieland (that's a zomedy themed comedy, to anybody who's without the foggest idea what a zom-edy really is...). You know what? It is quite funny in parts - espcially when Bill Murray comes on the scene. But then again, I love Bill Murray in anything he's starring in. He's a great actor, and reminds me a little of myself when I'm at my grumpiest.

Not such a great Sunday - Dad's car got trashed outside his house. Insurence probably won't cover it, so he's looking at having the car written off. That's... not good, at the best of times. Consider him, a garderner who depends upon his car as much as any gardening tool. Without it he can't get from job to job, and if he can't do that... well obviously, he can't earn.

He's no idea who done it, but if you consider the facts it's apparent that it was somebody he knew well - because his was the only car damaged, and it was right outside our house. Another vehicle had Christmas presents inside, but that neighbour's car wasn't smashed in - so that tells us it's not a robbery, or attempted one. Oh no; they knew who they were after and set out to cause all that damage. The basterds...

Also today, work, and my feet are killing me. We're showing Up in three screens, all of which come out within an hour of each other - so we're rushed off our feet cleaning them. At the same time we're massively understaffed, so we're all expected to do the work of two or three people - and ensure it's up to the same high quality, and done in super-rapid time. All that means... my feet ache. As does my back. And arms. And everything else. Ouch.

Still, back home now. Can finally take a breather, even if only for five minutes. Have a number of scripts to work on this week, and some more ideas. Hopefully, this'll be the week I finally do get my arse in gear and get it all done.

End of the weekend. Back to work now.


RIP Barry Letts, the producer of much of Doctor Who in the 1970s. He's the man who oversaw the Jon Pertwee era, and brought in his replacement Tom Baker. Some of his episodes are a little creaky now, and not don't feel tradition in the strictest sense, but fair play to the man for creating alien worlds and characters, every single week for 5 whole years - and terrifying a generation of schoolkids along the way.

For that, I doubt they'll ever forget you - and nor will Doctor Who fandom.


Off to a BIG media event on October 24th. Can't say what it is, incase some people who probably shouldn't find out read about it and get me in trouble. But boy... I'm super excited!! Might get to meet a few famous faces, including a certain-

No, I shouldn't tell you.

It's a secret, and all that.
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