Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Jack Porter -- Question Master

My mind has gone blank. Honestly, writing this blog every other day for 2 whole months seems to have zapped my creative blog writing juices. I'm finding it harder and harder to find things to talk about... which isn't a good sign! So, sad and desperate (and more than a little late with this article) I turn to my friend Jack Porter for a little assistance. He's kindly agreed to quiz me; by asking some questions he's always wanted to see me answer.

Happy now Porter?! You better be...!

#1 What is your favourite colour?
Hmmm... is it possible that I dont't actually have a favourite colour? I mean, I'm more attracted to the blues and greens of the world, but they're not exactly faves of mine. They just hurt the eye a little bit less than, say, bright pink or yellow. Then again, I do like red... if I absolutely positively had to choose, I'd say maroon. It feels very autumnal; a decaying leaf about to fall off the tree. It seems like the perfect choice therefore of somebody who's borderline depressive, and feeling that they're about to fall off the tree any day now.

#2 What is your set goal for the next 12 months
Well, firstly to complete university. Not spent the last 2+ years there for nothing, you know! Aside from that, it's probably just to make my radio soap The Blaze, and if possible, to write and produce a short film also would be the cherry on top of the icing, on top of the cake!

#3 Who is your favourite director #4 film #5 actor #6 actress
Just one Director? I can't pick just one! I could sit and watch any Hitchcock, Speilberg or Scorsese film all day. Of course, I own like 95% of all of Alfred Hitchcock's films on DVD - so he wins just cossa that. As for an actor/actress, it all depends on the show or film, man! A great actor in film A, might be absolutely shite in film B. Right now I'm midway through the early days of ER, and think that Clooney is a God. Also Lance Reddick of The Wire (& now Fringe) fame. He's just amazing in everything he appears in. As for a female to add to the list... Mary McDonnell is phenomenal in Battlestar Galactica. It's interesting... it took me a long thing to think up a best actress. Could it be that I don't invest as heavily in the females I see up on screen as much as I do their male equivilants?

#7 Which person would you most like to emulate in your lifetime?
God. I hear he did one hell of a job (only different people seem to tell me very different stories about what he got up to...). If we take our almighty celestial beings, then honestly I don't know. They say you should emulate the best... but trouble is, what if you don't quite match their potential? You're buggered, really. So I'm gonna say I'll emulate the very worst of mankind - cos at least that way, I'm bound to come away looking better than I should. Failing that... Well, through my poor jests, I think you're getting the overall picture: I don't really want to emulate anybody. Just wanna be myself, Anthony the individual.

#8 What did you do today?
Went into university for my scriptwriting class, and I think (!) I've finally worked out my idea for a new feature length screenplay. So that's exciting. Afterwards a group of us met to try and organise the end of year degree show, which'll take place next June. We came up with some good ideas actually - we're thinking of having the theme of That's Entertainment! and have it revolve around classical Hollywood and its stars. Also... work. 5/Close at the cinema. On Ben and Jerry's. Not good. A girl insulted my eyebrows, saying they're massively above average size. I wasn't impressed. My feelings... hurt.

#9Did you enjoy it?
The namecalling? Yeah... I loved it... not. Aside from that, yeah, a decent enough day. Pretty excited because it feels like I've got the ball rolling on a number of things - the screenplay, the degree show, and I've worked out what's wrong with the pilot episode of The Blaze and what needs changing. So, hurrah!

#10 Who was the most memorable person you met today?
My lecturer Justin, who's not only a funny (Canadian) guy, but he's very clever too and I respect any opinion he might have about film. You don't know what it's like - well, mostly a relief really - to FINALLY have a film tutor again like that. First couple of years here at uni, I couldn't give a toss what my overly opinionated lecturers had to say. Justin's different. He's a nice guy and very down to Earth... and knows how to use potential he might see. Also, Canadian. His accent? We all love it!

#11 What really fucking irritates you?
Oh, everything! After a few bad break-ups and taking most things out on the world around me, it's kinda stuck now. Any opportunity I get to be a grumpy Larry David-type, I'll take it up. One of my most recent pet hates? People who say "bless you" after I sneeze. I'm not in the tiniest bit religios. Stop it!! I don't need you being all crazy and speaking to non-God for me, and asking him to forgive one of my actions. Stupid people also fucking rattle me up. They're that empty headed, you can't even take solice out of name calling them; because they have no effing idea what you're saying. Or just don't care. Argh!!

#12 What is (or are) your favorite book(s)
Gotta be Lord of the Flies on the fiction side of things (it's good vs. evil - symbolism overload, in a story so well told) and The Writer's Tale by Russell T Davies with regards to non-fiction work. He's crafted a beautiful bible of the writer's mind, and I can relate to so much of it.

#13 When were you most happy in your life?
Fave quote: "That's the thing about golden ages - you're never sure of one until after it's over and you look back in reflection" Even though my life is good right now, I probably don't realise it - and won't, until the next chapter begins. I look back at all the others I've lived through, and tere's definitely favourites there. At the mo, I'd probably say college - because I was finding doing what I'd always wanted to do (Film Studies), I had the girl of my dreams and an array of friends to boot. Also, money. Always good.

#14 What do you think I could do to improve myself?
Honestly, I don't see you or speak to you enough to answer this. You've evolved massively as a person since the last time we were in regular contact, that it's impossible for me to judge you based off of old memories I have of you anymore.

#15What did you feel like when you were in love?
Like it'd last forever, and that made me feel safe. I guess in the long run, that feeling of being safe made me lazy, and therefore vulnerable... for when it all broke down, before eternity was even out, I realised I'd given myself over not to a person, but to a chemical reaction that was forming around in my heart and head.

#16 What is your ultimate destination?
Death. Isn't it everybody's?! Before then, my name of an episode of Doctor Who.

#17 What do you want to achieve tomoro?
To wake up before 10am. To write the pilot episode of The Blaze. To watch a few DVDs. To do lot's of things that, realistically, I know won't ever be done.

#18 What do you wish you could be able to do in your present environment (not career)
Tell customers at work what I really think about them. Walk out of university and never look back. Be promoted at the cinema. Meet a girl, and fall in love. Write a damn good script without interference. Live forever.

#19 When can you come up to visiit me?
Anytime June 2010 onwards I'll be free indefinitely...

#20 What is your favourie Shakespeare play?
I'm not really fit to comment, having only read three or four of his works. I have the complete Shakespeare on my desk infront of me. It's been opened about... ooh, half a dozen times max. I need to commit to reading it, and researching what I find inside. What's your's, and more importantly, why?

End of questions. Phew! I'm knackered now.

Sorry if the answers don't really make sense. I'm too tired to read back over and re-word things. Might do it when I wake in the morning. Key word there, might.

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