Sunday, 25 October 2009

That Was The Week That Was

Sometimes it's fun to take a moment or too and reflect upon recent memories. Of course, I do that all the time on this old blog of mine, but today I thought I'd do something a little different and discuss the ups and downs of the past week, as seen through my eyes...

Most Entertaining Day

Definitely Saturday. Me and fellow writer Nabu San were invited down to Liverpool as VIPs, for a very special screening of CBBC's The Sarah Jane Adventures. Not only did we get to see an episode of the show on the big screen - guest starring David Tennant no less! - but we got to mingle with Judoon, K9 the robot dog, and not to mention the show's cast!

Now, I'm use to seeing famous people by now. I've met a handful at university - like Paul Abbott last year - or at other media events I've attended. I'm not supposed to get excited and act all fanboy around them. It isn't very professional, is it? So I guess Daniel Anthony and Tommy Knight appreciated me coming to talk to them, and treating them not as mega stars but as average folk. They signed a picture dedicatd to my website, and off I trottered.

Was great afterwards spending time with some of the other fans. We sat in a random pub, just talking for about an hour and a half. Oh, how I love being around like minded people! Normally people aren't interested in whatever it is I'm wittering on about, so t'was great talking to people who listened carefully to everything I had to say. I felt loved amongst the geeks!

After the trip to Liverpool was over, I went home and watched half of the film Duel with my Dad, eating pizza and garlic bread as we went. But by this point, I was absolutely shattered and couldn't hold on any longer, and accepted defeat by going up to bed.

Lucky thing I had an extra hours sleep that night!

Most Frustrating Day

Wednesday, by far. Had to miss another of my Writing For Radio classes because of work. My lecturer Les Smith is going to be soooo pissed at me for it. Suppose it's my own fault, though. I've known for 3 weeks now that university has changed my hours, and I can no longer work Wednesday evenings - but I left it too late to tell the managers at work, so they went and planned the rota thinking I was still available to work.

Normally I'd get somebody else to cover my ass, but this time nobody was able to. It meant I had to go in and do the shift for me. Bad times. Yet, worse was still to come.

I'm a fan of the Saw films, and working at a cinema you'd think I'd get to watch the staff showing every year of the latest installment. How wrong you'd be! In the years I've been at the cinema, they've never once had a staff showing I was able to attend - either because the print hadn't shown up on time to organise one, or I was on shift. This year? No different.

The excuse this time was that the guys and gals there organised a showing off the whim, and watched Saw VI on Tuesday night - of course, not telling me so I didn't show. I got into work Wednesday, still pissed that nobody would cover for me, and found out the bombshell that people had seen the film already. The curse of me and the Saw films at staff showings!

(It was alright in the end; they put it back on after Thursday's staff showing for anybody that missed it two nights earlier. Curse lifted? Relief!)

Laziest Day

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday. Didn't even wake to late - and just sat on my bed, browsing websites on my laptop and popping downstairs for food only, or to watch the occassional episode of Fringe with Mum. I could have spent it writing The Blaze or 101 other things, but of course, I didn't. Now, with the workload piling, I'm regretting that decision!!

Doctor Who Day

I watched/listened to the entire Doctor Who adventure The Celestial Toymaker on Thursday. That's 90 minutes of pure, unadulterated 'Who action! Before, during and after that I also found time to write another three entries for my blog - obsessing over the official stats regarding how many people were reading the site that day, too.

At half four, I watched The Mad Woman in the Attic - Part One on the telly. What a classy adventure! My love for the SJA flourishes once more (after a crappy second series).

The Good Boy Day

Oh, Monday, how you tested me!

Went to visit my Nan today, and like always found it a somewhat painful experience. Don't get me wrong, I love her to bits - but it's just horrible stuck in that house of her's, because she's too ill (and now depressed) to leave. I try to visit her every week, because yeah I love her, but I suppose in a way it clears my conscience.

Later on, I was so tempted to buy the 24 Season 7 Blu-Ray collection, but that voice in the back of my head told me not to and plump for the plain old DVD instead. Ultimately I did - and it saved me over £20. At the end of the day, I'm still happy - mostly because I refuse to pay £20 extra for a Blu-Ray. It's just a fancy DVD anyways!!

That evening I did something quite noble - and let Mum watch what she wanted to watch on TV. We were part way through the latest episode of Flashforward on Five when I noticed how bored Mum was by it all (that series is going NOWHERE!) so I asked her what she'd want to watch instead. She chose the Robbie Coltrane drama on ITV. Which ended up being about a zillion times more interesting than Flashforward anyways.

Wish I'd seen that one coming..!

Other mentions:

Thursday - happy, Saw VI at last!
Friday - relieved, early finish at work!
Sunday - full up, Pizza Hut for dinner!

More from me this week, and every week.

"Oh damn," I hear you reply.
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