Saturday, 17 October 2009

The Thing I Love About Saturdays...

..Is just how different each and every one of them is. Any other day of the week and you're sort of stuck following a set schedule of things - whether that's university, or work, or other family commitments. Saturday is the only day, really, that's free of schedule. I can wake up at 11am and honestly have no idea what I'm doing next.

Most of the time I'm visiting my Dad, and at some point in the day we spend an hour or so at my Nan's house. Aside from that... anything's game. We can watch a Saturday afternoon performance at the cinema (the most recent time we did this, the film in question was Woody Harrleson's great Zombieland) or I might just visiting Manchester; have a look around and maybe buy a few comics or DVDs.

Today? Well, I'm in a rush writingt this because I'm about to go out for a meal with the family. Nowhere particularly special, you know, but still. I believe we're heading into Pilsworth to go to a restaurant there, and afterwards I'll head on over to the cinema to begin a 7/Close at the cinema.

Oh, how work has become a major part of my Saturday life! Now, obviously, Saturday is a busy day (if not the busiest...) day of business for a cinema, so it's rare that I ever get the day off - unless I go out of my way and book it off - which is rare. So I break all social rules, and work from 7 o'clock onwards in the evening, until around 2am. This has two effects:

A) I've lost touch with my beloved Saturday night telly.
B) I have no social life. It's... gone. Boo-hoo, etc, etc.

Really though, I don't mind. It's fun working when the cinema is at its busiest peek. Wouldn't have it any other way. Fact is, I won;t be there forever - and when I do leave I'll look back at this point in my life and wish it back. Might as well embrace it now then, whilst I still have it.

Anyhoo, just 'cos it's Saturday I'm extremely busy. Haven't really got the time to write this - infact, I've 'borrowed' five minutes just to sit here and commit to this. So, yeah, please take that as a hint. Shoo! Be gone; nothing more to see here.

Get off your computers, and go enjoy your Saturday!
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