Thursday, 12 November 2009

Best Friend Forever

It's curious: I hate one of my closest friends, and he me - some of the time. The rest of it we get along famously... it's just those instances where he says something to me that rattles me, or then my reply which usually rubs him up the wrong way. At the same it's both highly amusing and damn right tragic that two friends such act like this.

I don't know why it happens. Perhaps I take a perverse pleasure in seeing him slurm and arguing with him (I do, you know)? Perhaps we're just chalk and cheese when it comes to certain matters - the rest of the time we're just double chalk, or especially cheesy? Like most questions posed on this blog I DON'T HAVE THE ANSWER! But still... heavily curious.

Recently I spent a dozen or so hours with my friend, in the space of just one day. Yes, for most of that it was plain sailing - but still, the cracks were there, and they're probably growing and growing that much that soon they'll be visible from space.

Things we've argued over recently: Jobs, girls, trust issues. The usual, you know? Very petty things but it demonstrates just how different the two of us can be - and it leaves me asking the question, if this guy is one of my closest friends, am I in trouble?!

I mean considering all we disagree on, and how many arguements that leads to between the two of us (full-on, in your face style word fights, too) is his friendship good for my health... mental health, that is. I dunno, to be perfectly frank - maybe it all boils down to something a girl once said to me, when I asked her why she was still with a boyfriend who she confessed she had no real feelings for. She said, and it may apply here:

"I'm just waiting for something bigger and better to come along"

Is that what I'm doing? Biding time until my real friends make themselves known to?

Tell you what, seen as though I clearly don't have the answer why don't I throw it open to you guys and gals reading? You there, my humble friend what do you think?

Oh. My. God. I can't believe you just said that. You're wrong/I'm right/Rubbish friend/Yada yada yada...

Or words to that effect.
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