Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The Body in the Suitcase

I'm having a lot of fun developing an idea for my Screenwriting C class at university. Basically I have to come up with the treatment for a feature length script, and after suffering a mild case of writer's block (or panic, as is more accurate in my case, knowing I had mere weeks to come up with something satisfactory) I soon stumbled across an idea I like.

It's called The Body in the Suitcase, and I suppose it is a murder-mystery of sorts. Ooh, fancy - I've never wrote for tha particular genre before. It's great fun trying to piece it all together, trying to work out motives, and how to implant clues for the audience to pick up on whilst watching.

But enough of me waffling on abaout that! You want to know what the idea actually is, don't you? Yes, I can tell! Well here goes, amigos:

It's the story of 40-something criminal profiler Elliot Tickle, who is asked to investigate a recent murder, where a young gay man was - firstly - brutally raped, then killed and finally had his body carved up and dumped in a suitcase at the end of a street. Elliot is reluctant to help solve the case - because it brings back painful memories of his past... way back in 1979... a past he might never be able to escape.

Not if his father has anything to do with it.

What is interesting is how the film travels through many different temporal periods, and by the climax all the stories told within have converged together, allowing the audience to fully understand - at last! - the story being told to them. I don't know how I've done it, but it might well be the cleverest thing I've ever planned! It's of the Steven Moffat school of thinking.

My tutor Justin read over the plans at lunch and liked pretty much everything he saw, which is a positive sign. Although, saying that, tutor's advice seems more and more irrelevant nowadays, because I have confidence in what I'm doing, mixed in with some genuine talent and understanding. I'm becoming used to the writing process, and that makes it seem second nature to me.

Hopefully I'll expand upon the film's synopsis asap, and fill it out into treatment length. Then, and only then, will they let me write this idea up as a script next semester... as my final year dissertation. That makes me a nervous chappy, oh yes indeedy it does.


Finally booked the staff Christmas party. Phew! Feels like a weight has lifted off my shoulders. No longer have to worry if we'll get anywhere booked in time - now I'm just going to stress about it all coming together in time! Wish me luck.
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