Thursday, 26 November 2009

Disaster, Disaster!

OK, that was not good. Not one bit...

For the first time since April I was out and about filming today; but I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's travel back in time a couple of weeks and examine the path that lead me to this point-

Over summer I was supposed to go off and try and get a work placement at some important media company - somewhere like the BBC or ITV. The reason why I italicised 'supposed' there was because... well, I never bothered to even try. So with a month to go until final marks for the Work Based Learning module had to be in... that left me a little stuck!

Rescue came from, ironically enough, a newly formed production company *within* the university. I was taken in by them, and told to produce a video relating to the uni's new student radio station; editing pre-existing footage into something smart and classy. Saying that, the already shot footage was awful, so I faught the case for being able to reshoot interviews with the station manager myself.

Eventually I was allowed to... but would soon wish I hadn't bothered! Seriously, we were given just half an hour to talk to the guy, because he and members of my crew had to rush off. You see, the interviewee was only available at the end of the working day, at 4pm. It meant we were sat down all day just waiting, twiddling our thumbs and doing nothing in partiuclar.

When we finally got to interview Warren, I was trying my best - but his answers were only minimal, at around 30 seconds apiece. Not ideal when I have to come up with a 3 minute video! I'm sure the talk could have been stretched out... if only I had managed to persuade the guy to talk much slower. Yeah, if only...

To be perfectly honest, it's my own fault for being a badly prepared director on the day. There was no real preperation, and it shows. The footage, which I have yet to view back,. is probably very poor - because I should have wracked my brain for better questions to ask!

I was in desperate need for others in the group to help me out and offer suggestions, but nobody was willing to give any! Even for as something as cutaway shots, they offered no creativity. It's no surprise then that this video I'm about to assemble will be devoid of any creativity.

So very, very bad.

In summary, I filmed today.

T'was a complete diaster.
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