Saturday, 14 November 2009

The End in Sight

It's quite alarming to think that I only have around six months left in university, because I've started to realise just how huge the occassion is. For the first time in my life I'll be out of education completely, making my own way in the world - and that means it's time to start to put into practice what I've been preparing for over the course of the last 18 years of schooling.

Now that the end is in sight I've noticed a change in my behaviour. I'm just not putting as much effort into uni as I should; I'm beginning to slack off.

Take my Writing For Radio module. I'm supposed to have produced a pitch document, and have it submitted to mark next week. So far... nothing. Same with my screenplay - the synopsis is complete, yes, but there's nothing else been done. It's like I think this close to the end I can afford to stop... when the reality is, with 6 months to go I still have a Hell of a lot of work left to do. More importantly, it's this work that will detirmine my end results - so if the slacking continues, I will most definitely fail.

This close to the end, I think that'd kill me if it happened. So yes, I need to buck my ideas up and get the work done. Stop wasting time on things that can wait until uni is over... because I'll only regret what could have been in a year's time if I don't make it so while I still have the chance:



Oh, you wouldn't believe just how much I'm looking forward to tomorrow's episode of Doctor Who. Man, it's been a long wait! Tying in quite nicely with my above statements, David Tennant's time on the show is drawing to a close and it'll be sad sitting down with Dad tomorrow to watch one of his last ever episodes in the role.

Still... bring on The Waters of Mars, and the Christmas Specials - and let's play the regeneration game!!
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